Photographer brings 40 moms together for 'rainbow baby' shoot: 'People don't talk about miscarriage'

An Alabama photographer got 40 women together for a 'rainbow baby' shoot (Credit: Facebook)
An Alabama photographer got 40 women together for a 'rainbow baby' shoot (Credit: Facebook)

A photographer wants women who’ve suffered miscarriages to know they’re not alone and assembled 40 mothers with their “rainbow babies” together for a photo shoot, which has since gone viral on Facebook.

Ashley Sargent organized the shoot on July 21 in Fyffe, Alabama. The photographer tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she came up with the idea after she noticed a trend amongst her clients requesting shoots with individual photos of their rainbow babies — a term used to describe healthy babies born after a miscarriage or neonatal death.

Sargent says the first shoot she had with a rainbow baby, she photographed the infant “laying down on a blanket with flowers arranged around, like a rainbow.”

After this, Sargent says more parents started reaching out to her for these types of photoshoots, and many commented and shared pictures of their own rainbow children. The photographer wanted to bring awareness to “how common it is for people to have a miscarriage.”

“When people think of a rainbow baby, it’s taboo. People don’t talk about miscarriage or the loss of a child,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

So Sargent decided to reach out to moms she had worked with in the past to see if they were interested in fulfilling her vision of “seeing dozens upon dozens of mothers coming together, all as one, dressed in colors of the rainbow along with their miracle child,” according to her Facebook post.

“I wanted mothers and children of every age,” her post reads. “In my mind, this idea was going to be a vision of hope.

Sargent wrote on Facebook that she plans to feature each of the mothers pictured to share their stories individually.

“I wanted to show that you’re not alone,” she says of the photoshoot. “Seeing all these women together can help you overcome the challenge you’re facing.”

Hundreds of people shared affirming messages on her Facebook post, and many of the mothers who participated commented about how thankful they were to have been part of the experience.

“This was such a blessing to be a part of!” one person wrote. “Ashley, thank you so much for giving each of us this opportunity to share our journey and bring hope to those who are still waiting. “

Another wrote “It turned out beautiful!!! Beyond the most amazing thing I have ever been apart of!! Thank you for following your heart and letting us be apart of this. It was so inspirational, emotional, and raw. I won’t ever forget it and I hope so many mommas see this and have so much peace and hope.”

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