New Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumbles Come In Original And Strawberry Flavors For A Dessert You鈥檒l Be Eating All Year Long

Alexis Morillo
·1 min read

From Delish

Not everyone is blessed with the patience and skill it takes to make a perfect cheesecake every single time. Just ask our Delish editors鈥攖hey all tried to make cheesecake from scratch over Zoom once! It's a hard feat in the kitchen, so it's great news that Philadelphia Cream Cheese has new Cheesecake Crumbles that are essentially tiny cheesecakes and crust in a cup that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Cream cheese is obviously one of the most important ingredients in a cheesecake, so it's fair to say that Philadelphia knows what they're doing when it comes to this product. @Foodiewiththebeasts found two of the snacks at their Food Lion grocery store in original and strawberry.

Similar to those yogurts you can buy at the store that come with toppings to add in to the base for extra flavor and crunch, the Cheesecake Crumbles come with crushed graham crackers to add in to help recreate a graham cracker cheesecake crust in every cup. Each package comes with two desserts inside, so keep that in mind if you want to have enough for dessert every night of the week and want to stock up when you spot these at the store.

The Cheesecake Crumbles can be found in the refrigerated yogurt and JELL-O aisle of the grocery store but since these are brand new it might take a little bit of time for the nationwide release to roll out. As you wait for them to hit a shelf near you maybe you can start practicing how to make a cheesecake from scratch. It'll keep you busy, that's for sure!

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