Peter Weber Claims Hannah Brown Made Plans to “Meet Up” With Him Before Dating Tyler Cameron

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Photo credit: Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

  • Bachelor Peter Weber’s out here claiming Hannah Brown made plans to meet up with him before asking out Tyler Cameron.

  • Peter says her decision “pissed me off and hurt me.”

Hannah Brown showed up on Monday’s premiere episode of The Bachelor, and she and Peter Weber fully got into it. It was honestly a giant mess, but one of the more interesting parts of their convo was when Peter asked Hannah if she’d considered asking him out—not Tyler Cameron—after things with Jed Wyatt ended. (Reminder: Tyler and Hannah went on a date before he started dating Gigi Hadid.)

It sounds like a lot went on behind the scenes during Hannah’s season, and Peter just dished to Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin on their Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, explaining that Hannah had actually made plans with him before asking out Tyler.

“I was prepared at [After the Final Rose] to, like, give it a shot and I knew there was a chance for ‘The Bachelor’ and I was going to say no to the show,” he said. “At AFR, when I saw her for the first time after the show, we kind of had a brief saying goodbye to each other off-camera, caught up, and she said that she had moved close to where I was living. I was like, ‘No way, let’s meet up.’ We had agreed. I honestly got excited at that point. I was like, ‘Maybe, this isn’t over yet.’ I felt chemistry onstage to be completely honest.”

But then Peter watched After the Final Rose and saw Hannah ask out Tyler, which didn’t feel great. “That hurt. I was not expecting it,” he said, adding that he had no idea Hannah had feelings for him still when she showed up on The Bachelor. “I didn’t know that she still felt that way for me. I wasn’t DMing her like Tyler had been DMing her."

Peter added, “They had been talking a little bit. I had never reached out to her. I was waiting to talk to her at AFR. The part that pissed me off and hurt me was that we had talked about…And maybe I shouldn’t have gotten excited….”

Damn, no wonder things were so dramatic during Hannah’s appearance on the show. Truly, yikes @ all this!!!!!

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