Pete Davidson Is Now Following a Third Person on Instagram, and at This Point, He’s Just Trolling Us All

Photo credit: Sean Zanni - Getty Images
Photo credit: Sean Zanni - Getty Images

As you probably remember, last week came the big news that Pete Davidson rejoined Instagram after a four-year hiatus. Quickly, people began theorizing whether or not his new girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, had anything to do with the move while also losing it over the two accounts he chose to follow. Now the SNL comedian has added a third account to his follow list, and at this point, he’s basically just trolling us.

Given Pete’s blossoming relationship with Instagram icon Kim K., it makes total sense that he’s reactivated his Instagram account. But what doesn’t totally make sense are the two accounts he chose to follow: Kim and Pam & Tommy’s Sebastian Stan.

We’re a week in, and the Saturday Night Live star has finally followed someone else on the platform. You’d assume it’d be someone like his pal Machine Gun Kelly or one of his SNL costars. But you’d be wrong. Shunning his actual friends and family, Pete has instead followed Staten Island’s baseball team, the Staten Island Ferry Hawks.

As we all know, Pete is from Staten Island, so it’s probably no surprise that he would be interested in the area’s baseball team. However, it’s kind of interesting that the Ferry Hawks made the cut ahead of actual friends and family.

Keep being you, Pete!

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