Pet Parents Set up 'Kissing Booth' for Their Blind Beagle That's Impossible to Resist

Garage sales offer a fantastic opportunity to unearth hidden gems while also contributing to a more sustainable world. They are like treasure hunts where you can find items you need, which might have otherwise met an unfortunate fate in a landfill or garbage dump.

The TikTok account for @Bubblestheblindbeagle totally improved on the beloved yard sale by including their blind beagle in a kissing booth and shut up and take our money!

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Listen, if every garage sale including a kissing booth for pets we would never not be going to garage sales. This is the best idea ever! Not only is Bubbles totally adorable but what a fun way to attract attention to your sale! This pup's owners say they didn't get a lot of business and we find that extremely difficult to believe. If we saw this at a garage sale we'd be calling everyone we know!

TikTok users are here for this and @Supergirl comments what we are all feeling with "I would have never left the kissing booth." @Kiersetn hilariously adds, "Here's the deed to my house. How many smoochies can that buy, please?" Listen, unless you own a Kardashian-esque gazillion dollar mansion that's just not gonna be enough money! @Laura adds, "I would spend all my money getting those kisses!" Us too, we'd take a loan out from the bank.

We demand we get advance notice for the next time the Bubbles kissing booth is operational. We are gonna start saving all our money now so we can be first in line.

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