Pet Crow Throws Total Shade at Her Wild Crow Neighbors and It's Epic

Have you ever had a truly annoying neighbor? If you have found yourself living next to someone less-than-pleasant, then you can probably feel total sympathy for this gorgeous pet crow who knows she is so much better than her lame wild neighbors.

Check out the video posted by TikTok user @Iwishthiscrowwouldjusteatme of their beautiful crow Boo showing her neighborhood birds just how fancy she is.

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Oh she's so petty! TikTok users are loving this main character energy and one user comments, "I wonder what they said to her for her to have to flex on them so hard." According to her owner, she set her food dish right in front of the window and even put the food in herself just to show how sophisticated she is.

Crows are such super smart birds, and science says they have the intelligence of a seven-year-old, are capable of recognizing faces and problem-solving, and they even gossip about humans and how these humans treat them to other crows. We wouldn't be surprised at all if this pretty bird didn't pull enjoying her dinner in front of the window as a total power play against her neighbor birds. @Kerry comments, "Crows like shiny things, right? So maybe it was like not only will I show off my meal but I will show off my shiny thing as well!"

Her owner says "There are 3 watching her from the tree line. She staged it all! They are so dirty they mind games!" Oh Boo, remind us never to make you mad! She may just steal all our jewelry and wear it in front of us!

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