Personal assistant shares 'worst thing' she was asked to do by a 'cringe' client: 'I did not think that this would end this way'

A personal assistant revealed the “worst thing” she had to do on the job in Los Angeles. The story is somehow both shocking and not as shocking as you think.

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If you’re imagining some kind of seedy Hollywood debauchery or some A-lister getting too high-strung, think again. TikToker @_sadielane worked as a personal assistant for 10 years. Not a single client asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so she has carte blanche to speak freely.

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Fortunately for her clients, after intimately handling their taxes, divorce papers and other sensitive information, she thinks it’s best to respect their privacy. However, one person she worked for did inspire a bit of rage.

“There was this one guy, though,” she explained. “We had a bunch of interactions that made me want to, like, leave the state. I really did not enjoy working with him.”

She explained that the client wanted her to book an appointment with an in-demand medical specialist. It wasn’t an emergency; he just wanted to see a specific doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor was fully booked for weeks.

“I update him,” she said. “He says, ‘No, that’s unacceptable. I want you to call them back and let them know I’m friends with Lady Gaga.'”

“Does working with her once count? But, OK. The thought of saying that phrase to another person — he said that to me, and I cringed,” she joked.

The personal assistant called the specialist’s office again and relayed the client’s message. The receptionist put her on hold, then returned and shockingly told her that the client could be seen the next Friday.

“Money can’t buy you love. We know that. But in this country, it can damn sure buy you health care,” she said.

People were stunned by how the personal assistant’s story ended.

“It makes me angrier that they approved it,” a user said.

“Ok I did not think that this would end that way,” another joked.

“As a high profile PA for the past 5 years I felt this on a spiritual level,” a TikToker replied.

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