The umbrella that's stronger than Mother Nature

Julie Tong
#TheCurrent: Blunt umbrellas. (Photo: Courtesy of Blunt, Art: Quinn Lemmers)
#TheCurrent: Blunt umbrellas. (Photo: Courtesy of Blunt, Art: Quinn Lemmers)

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We’ve all been there, outside in the pouring rain, when, lo and behold, our trusty umbrella gives way to ferocious winds and flips inside out. We’re soaked, powerless, struggling—failing at life. It’s Mother Nature exerting her will—and there’s nothing we can do about it, right?


We can all take advantage of the genius technology that is Blunt, an umbrella company that has engineered its way around the inside-out umbrella syndrome. This miracle of modern design—sleek, simple, easy on the eyes—can handle what Mother Nature dishes out, thanks to its remarkable wind-resistance, reinforced rounded corners (they won’t rip!), and sturdy materials guaranteed for five years.

Blunt offers umbrellas in four sizes: the compact Metro (14 inches long), the traditional Classic (33 inches), the XL (37 inches), and the Golf (39.5 inches); to give you a sense just how strong these umbrellas are, the Golf has a wind resistance up to 72 miles per hour! I own the Metro, which is perfect for commuters like me who need a compact, lightweight umbrella that tucks into a work bag. It’s lightweight but can weather winds up to 55 miles per hour. I don’t fully get the physics, but I can tell you, this is an umbrella I can count on.

One feature that’s clearly superior and can be understood by even the unscientific among us, is that the canopy extends beyond the umbrella’s ribs. This means there’s no risk of an eye-poke. It also gives the umbrella its unique profile—more Museum of Modern Art than Mary Poppins.

Photo: Courtesy of Blunt
Photo: Courtesy of Blunt

Blunt was created by New Zealand design engineer Greig Brebner, who wanted to combat the growing number of umbrellas that end up in landfills. (You know how guilty you feel every time you trash another umbrella, adding it to a trash can brimming over with metal and plastic? Brebner wants to help you become part of the solution.) His well-thought-out design has taken into account nearly every aspect of umbrella usage, including the human tendency to lose belongings— Blunt umbrellas have a special slot for a Tile so you can use GPS to find them if they go missing..

And the umbrella’s functionality is a total pleasure: Blunt’s unique Radial Tensioning System redirects, transfers, and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface. You feel like someone in a movie, operating with ease and grace—which is always a plus on a rainy day.

I’ve owned my Blunt Metro umbrella for more than a year now, and it still works as perfectly as it did the first time I tried it. I’ve used it through heavy rain, sleet, and snowstorms, and it has withstood everything. Throughout the past year, I’ve loaned the umbrella to my boyfriend, friends, and colleagues, and they’ve all come back with (unsolicited) rave reviews. I could never, ever go back to the cheap drugstore umbrellas that kept me as part of the cycle of use-and-toss. I’m sticking with Blunt.

Blunt Metro Umbrella

Blunt Metro Umbrella (Photo: Blunt)
Blunt Metro Umbrella (Photo: Blunt)

For winter weather, there’s nothing like a Blunt. Buy one for yourself and donate the sketchy batch of umbrellas clogging up your closet—you’ll clear space and your lighten your footprint on the planet. And consider Blunts as potential go-to gifts throughout the year—with eleven colors available on Amazon, you’ll delight anyone in your life with a personal pick. The Blunt Metro umbrella retails for $59, so it’s a bit of an investment, but when you factor in quality, utility, design, and longevity (you won’t need to replace it for years!), it’s a purchase you’ll be thrilled you decided to make.

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