'Perfect Match's' Joey And Kariselle Are The Strongest Couple RN, But Will They Last?

If you’ve been tuning into Netflix’s new reality dating show Perfect Match, then you know that Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow, a.k.a Jariselle, are stuck together like glue (and, uh, are arguably the best pairing on the show). May I be so bold enough to say they might even win the whole thing? (IDK, will have to keep watching to find out, but I’m betting on this New Jersey-New York love story taking the “W.”)

ICYDK, the cast of Perfect Match is chock full of exes. Spoiler alert: In the first episode of the 12-part series, it’s revealed that Joey, who previously starred in and won the first season of Netflix’s The Circle, has history with both Kariselle, former star of Netflix’s Sexy Beasts, and Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle alum Francesca Farago. While things between Joey and Francesca seem to be totally over, when Joey sees Kariselle walk into the villa, sparks fly all over again. “There’s no doubt in my mind that life, God, whatever you want to call it, brought us together for this,” Joey told Women’s Health about his on-screen reunion with Kariselle. “Because we have been in each other’s lives for so long, and this was our chance to really give things a real shot… We started so rocky, and we had to get a lot of things from the past out of the way. Then, it was like, ‘Let’s do this thing and let’s do it together.’”

So, while things seem to be going well for this pair, despite a few hiccups, will they make it until the end? Well, intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang definitely believes there’s potential for these two. “Joey and Kariselle have their Sun signs near the same degree of Sagittarius, which means they’re conjunct,” Lang explains. “These two fire signs know how to make a spark! But that also might be why they’ve had stops and starts.”

Yet, that’s only one point of compatibility. Lang analyzed both Joey and Kariselle’s birth charts to reveal what the planets have to say about how well they work, astrologically speaking, and, well, this couple definitely has long-term potential…but only if they make a few changes.

Joey and Kariselle’s relationship is never boring, thanks to their Sun signs.

Any loyal viewer of Perfect Match will tell you that Joey and Kariselle have a fiery and passionate dynamic, which may or may not have something to do with both of their Sun signs being in mutable fire sign Sagittarius.

“They likely feel a strong connection, almost as if they can finish each other’s sentences,” says Lang. “There’s a sense of playfulness and fun with this aspect, too.” In other words, these two are on the same wavelength, which probably explains why they seem unable to keep their hands off each other, like ever. (Seriously, the seemingly non-stop PDA is proof of their magnetic bond.)

In addition to the Sun representing the ego, it also symbolizes your inner sense of authority, explains Lang. So it’s likely that they bring out the best in one another and feel a sense of purpose in coming together, she adds.

And because Sagittarius is an adventurous, independent, and free-spirited sign, “they will keep things interesting,” while still giving one another breathing room, notes Lang.

But things can get a bit too heated at times because of Jupiter and Mars.

Kariselle’s Jupiter (the planet of expansion and good fortune) and Sun in Sagittarius are conjunct Joey’s Sun and Mars (the planet of action and desire) in Sagittarius, shares Lang. Translation: “That’s a lot of heat, which may feel too intense sometimes.”

Let Lang explain: Mars is all about chemistry and passion and Jupiter, being the largest planet in the solar system, expands the influence of the planets it comes into contact with. Thus, when these two planets meet, it causes some supercharged sparks to fly.

So while this intensity might be great for ~spicy~ bedroom activities because “it shows they have similar needs for exercise, sex, and action,” explains Lang, it could also mean that when there is conflict between them, it can be a bit too hot to handle (get it?).

“They will have to be conscious about slowing things down, or they will push one another away,” says Lang. Read: These two shouldn’t jump into a lifelong commitment just yet.

Lang shares that this pair has a fated connection thanks to Kariselle’s Saturn (the planet of moral obligations and authority) in Pisces forming a square aspect with Joey’s Sun. But while this is a favorable aspect for commitment in the long run, for things to continue to work out in the short term, they will have to take some pressure off the relationship and let the other person shine their own light, Lang explains.

Fire signs aren't only known for their intensity. Watch to learn about some other common fire sign traits:

Venus and Pluto bring a shared desire for success.

“Money is a focal point of their relationship,” says Lang. Joey’s Pluto (the planet of renewal and rebirth) in Scorpio is in a sextile aspect with Kariselle’s Venus (the planet of love and finances) in Capricorn, showing a shared goal of prosperity, Lang explains. At times, though, “it might even be a little too much of a focus.”

This couple wants “the good life” and they want it STAT (I mean, who doesn’t?), but a side effect of that is the relationship could feel like it’s “too much, too fast,” Lang says. Plus, with Kariselle’s Venus in practical, careful Capricorn, she’ll want to know there’s financial security in the relationship, which may require these two to take more time getting to really know each other before taking their ‘ship to the next level.

In general, with her Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Venus, and Uranus in determined, ambitious Capricorn, Kariselle demonstrates a cautious attitude towards relationships and a longing for a partner with goals of their own. Joey, on the other hand, is more of a free spirit, thanks to his Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, says Lang.

While these two are obvi infatuated with one another, there’s no denying that this could be a frustrating relationship for both of them. Kariselle may need more answers from bro-y Joey—IYKYK—while he’s simply just going with the flow.

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