Perfect Form: Watch Jonathan Hernandez Kickflip And BS Flip A Full Set Of Bleachers

Mix together some power and pop, pepper in some proper flick and this could very well be where we end up—at least in this case it is. Jonathan Hernandez did this kickflip and backside flip way too effortlessly, like he's skating over a single deck or something.

He catches both so perfect, stomps them both just as good, and rolls away like it's just another day...

As skateboarding progresses, the idea of schoolyard sessions will forever remain timeless. I mean, they're literally playgrounds of opportunity depending on who the skater is. But the simple act of finding something unique and turning it into a spot—even if it's just a set of empty bleachers that kids eat their lunch on—will always work.

The kickflip alone would've been fine, but that backside flip is some next level work. Respect to Jonathan for handling both with the amount of speed he did as well. I know speed is necessary for tricks like this, but it only adds to the heaviness. I think we can all respect just how gnarly these were. You're a real one, Jonathan!

Video / @esskateboarding @alexkissinger

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