People Are Torn About This 6-Year-Old Makeup Pro

Was the reason your mom wouldn’t allow you to wear makeup when you were a child because she was worried you’d grow up too fast … OR because she didn’t want you to become an international social media beauty tutorial SUPERSTAR?!

Meet Bella-Rose, a 6-year-old from Sydney, Australia, with a knack for applying makeup better than most grown-ups. She found fame online after her older sister’s friend, Emily Louise — a professional makeup artist — shared videos of the little girl showing off her abilities on YouTube and Instagram.

In a newly posted clip, Bella-Rose channels an ethereal flower goddess (though perhaps Child Empress would be more apt), wearing a face full of highlighter, metallic lip gloss, and false eyelashes, topped by a flower crown.

Makeup by Mario WISHES.

Since this is the Internet, not everyone is pleased with Bella-Rose’s transformative powers. Some commenters accused the kid’s parents of making her act too adult-like, with one ’Grammer writing: “This makes me feel sick watching someone so young that doesn’t need to cover up there natural beauty, I mean come on where are her parents letting her do this shit???! Kids should try stay young for as long as possible, jeez people puberty first????????????”

But others see it as an extension of typical childhood play. Wrote notoriousbnc: “WHEN WE WERE ALL LITTLE WE PLAYED DRESS UP IN OUR MOMS MAKEUP! Don’t act like you never did! This was just for fun, and the only difference between then and now, is there are phones to record the dress-up.”

Emily Louise’s posts featuring Bella-Rose have basically turned into a battleground between those who think it’s cute, those who think it’s inappropriate, and those who are convinced she’s doomed to have horrible acne in her teens. Whichever camp you fall into, you can’t deny that this kid has got a talent. With those steady, tiny hands of hers, we bet she plays a mean round of Operation. And anyway, would starring in a Proactiv campaign really be such a bad thing?

Just keep doing you, Bella-Rose. And good luck getting those front teeth to grow in straight.

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