People struggling with addiction are turning to telehealth during the pandemic — for bette

people struggling with addiction have had it especially hard in quarantine. Social isolation, economic despair and a global health crisis have made COVID-19 “the perfect storm” for individuals with substance use disorders. normal outlets like group meetings and therapy no longer exist in the traditional sense because meeting face-to-face is now dangerous. With nowhere else to go, people living with addiction are turning to online resources like virtual support groups and Zoom therapy until things return to normal. policy shifts have made it much easier for addiction care specialists to pivot to telemedicine. Like anything, there are pros and cons to this shift to telehealth expedited by the pandemic. Most practitioners and patients, however, agree that normalizing virtual treatment will expand care options for people who might not have otherwise been able to access it. Dr. Patrick Bordnick, of the Tulane University School of Social Work, notes, “I think we can create those meaningful connections”