People Are Sharing Things Everyone THINKS Are Illegal, But Actually Are 100% Legal

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On Tuesday, Reddit user u/Money_Bonus_8979 asked, "What is something the average person thinks is illegal that actually isn’t?" People provided some super-interesting examples of stuff most people assume are illegal, but technically aren't.

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Now, I'm not saying go do these things, but it's still interesting to know they're technically not illegal. Here's what they said:

Consult your lawyer first.

1."Giving cops the middle finger. It's protected under freedom of speech. Doesn't mean it's smart to do and they won't find some reason to make your day hell. But it's legal."


2."Cops lying to you in the US is not illegal. They don't have to tell you they're a cop. They can say literally anything to extract information."


3."Counting cards at a casino black jack table. It's just a strategy, nothing illegal about that. If casinos catch you, they can bar you from coming back, but you cannot be arrested."


people at a casino table
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4."Discussing wages with your fellow employees. Not only is it legal, your right to do so is protected by the National Labor Relations Act of 1935. It’s actually illegal to tell your employees not to talk about wages with each other."


5."Refusing service, as long as it is not based on a protected class and isn't an essential service. If you walk into my store with no intention to buy (or buy in the future), I can ask you to leave, and if you refuse, I can have you trespassed."


6."Driving with the interior light on in the car is not illegal."


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7."Bringing your own snacks to the movies is technically not illegal."


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8."In my state, turning left on a red light when you’re on a one-way and turning onto another one-way. Nobody knows, nobody goes, and it drives me bonkers."


9."Not giving two weeks notice when leaving a job isn't illegal."


10."In the US: driving barefoot. Absolutely zero states have a law against this. The rumor probably started because many states have a law saying you must be wearing un-obstructing footwear that won’t get in the way of pedal operation. So no driving in ski boots."


Bare feet on the gas pedal

11."Recording someone on your phone in public is not always illegal."


12."Not having a picture ID. I have met a shocking number of people who think it’s illegal to leave your home without an ID."


13."Witnessing a violent act and walking away. Unless there is a specific Good Samaritan Law in place, which not all places have, there is nothing that requires you to act. Being a shit person is not a crime."


14."Social media sites censoring your posts. Their platform, their rules. It’s private property."


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Responses edited for length/clarity.