"I Unmatched Him": People Are Hilariously Revealing What Gives Them The Ick When It Comes To Dating

Sometimes, I really love social media trends — especially ones that have to do with dating. For instance, the ongoing "They're a 10, but..." trend will forever make me laugh.

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In case you're not familiar: It started off as a trend on TikTok, where people would mention a situation where a person is a 10 but they have a quality that could be a turn-off.


I asked the BuzzFeed Community what their "They're a 10 but..." are and combined those responses with a similar Reddit thread. Keep reading for some very relatable icks.

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1."He's a 10 but on Hinge, he tacked a 'hehe' onto the end of his message, and I unmatched him. 'Haha' is fine, but 'hehe'...I don't know, I just can't do it."


2."She's a 10, but she doesn't return her shopping cart to the corral."

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3."They're a 10, but they have sauce left in the corners of their mouth after they eat."

—Anonymous, 19

4."He's a 10 but uses Axe body spray."


5."They're a 10, but they cough without covering their mouth."


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6."She’s a 10, but she can’t speak quietly."


7."They're a 10 but can't clean up after themselves."


8."They're a 10, but they lick their silverware when they’re done eating at a restaurant."

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9."They're a 10, but they leave their lips looking ashy and dry."


10."They're a 10, but they call all of their exes crazy."

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11."He’s a 10, but my dog doesn’t like him."


12."She's a 10, but she pours her milk before the cereal."


13."He’s a 10, but he texts every other day or so because he’s just 'so busy.'"


14."He's a 10, but he sings made-up songs in the shower. Loudly. At 5 a.m."


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15."She's a 10, but she's dramatic and gossipy."


16."He’s a 10, but he follows hundreds of Instagram models."


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17."She’s a 10, but she has a 'Hope You Brought Wine' welcome mat."

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18."They're a 10 on the outside, but they based their personality on either Harry Potter, Disney, or The Office."


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19."He's a 10 but he vapes."


20."She's a 10, but she still talks about her ex."


21."He’s a 10, but his love language is sarcasm."


What are your "They're a 10, but..." opinions? Share them with me in the comments below!

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.