People Are Sharing The Petty Deal Breakers That Made Them End The Relationship, And It Stings

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Not all love affairs are destined for the history books...and some are barely a blip in our text logs.

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There are plenty of serious reasons to end a relationship, and plenty of reasons that seem minor at first. But if things can't be unseen...well, sometimes that's the end of that.

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Redditor u/scotty_puff_jr polled the masses: "What's the pettiest reason you've rejected someone?"

Some responses are understandable and some a little suspect, but it's probably safe to say these couples weren't meant to be. Check out the top answers below!

1."His name was Phil. My name is Lil."

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2."He used too many exclamation points."

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3."I was 13 and had been dating a girl for about 2 months. We were playing Jenga, and I noticed that she only drew from the middle, never once from the sides. It made me feel like she was timid and boring."

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"That's the moment I lost attraction to her, and broke up with her not long after. All these years later, I’m timid and boring, and she’s absolutely wild."


4."She had the same name as my mom. I just…couldn’t."

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5."I got rejected because I was a Libra."

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6."She ate a banana sideways. Would hold it horizontally, peel it, and take bites from the side."

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7."He didn’t use pillowcases. He owned them but never actually put them on the pillows."


8."No matter what evidence I presented, even if I went and bought a snake skeleton, she would never believe that snakes had bones."

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9."First day he visited my apartment he opened the kitchen cabinet without asking, saw my kid's vitamins, and said, 'Ooh, gummies!' and started to shove them in his mouth."

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10."She gave me a hug, and a booger that was stuck to her nose got on my shirt, and for some reason I never recovered."

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"It's been 10 years, and I still haven't forgotten." — u/Cpt_Howl

11."He didn't have soap at his apartment. Even by the third date, no soap anywhere at his place, no dish soap even. He never smelled or anything, but just weirded me out."

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12."She smelled funny. Not bad. It clearly wasn't a case of not washing or anything like that. She just smelled...weird. Couldn't get over it."


13."Not me, but a girl I hung out with in high school once dumped a boyfriend because she didn't like his socks. She's married with two kids now. Her husband's got mad sock game, obvi."

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14."She didn’t drink water."

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15."Really nice guy...looked just like my dad's old high school photos. Couldn’t get past it."


16."My ex's name was Simone. She was studying business administration and had a horse. We broke up after she fucked another dude. I got over it and met another girl. Her name was Simone. She was studying business administration and had a horse."

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"Nope." — u/somniumx

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17."They wouldn’t let their dog walk when they walked their dog. Would carry the poor little fucker around."

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18."I was the one rejected, but the reason I was given was, 'I’ve been rejected a lot. I want to know what it feels like to reject someone.'"


19."I was once rejected by the color of my text bubble. I have an Android; she has an iPhone. It was not meant to be."

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20."Dude kissed me open mouthed with relaxed lips. Not meant as a makeout kiss; that was a quick kiss. Just opened his mouth and smashed his face into mine, then pulled back. Ew."

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21."Not me, but my friend once rejected a girl for not liking the band Tool."

"And she was such a nice lady too!" — u/Jibbies92

22."This dude was super sweet and had a lot of good qualities. He was a plumber and casually admitted to me that sometimes he will bite/clean his nails after work and taste the remnants of what he touched that day. I could not get over that and had to move on."

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23."Her toenails were so long whenever she was nearby that you could hear clicking from the ground as if she was a dog."

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24."We had promised to see the same movie together, and when I showed up to go see the film, they had already seen it."

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25."Dated a guy who was color blind. He’d argue with me about the color blue-green even if I was the only person in the relationship who could actually SEE blue-green!!"


Ay, carumba. If some strange deal breaker was a major "NO" for you, let us know in the comments!

And check out the entire brutal Reddit thread here.

Note: Some answers have been edited for length/clarity.