20 Outdated Or Obsolete Things That People Still Use Or Do Because They Prefer It Over New Technology

Recently, Best Buy announced that after this holiday season (starting in 2024) they would no longer be selling DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Ultra HD discs, both in-store and online because the rise of streaming had made the demand for them "obsolete." And, I think for myself, and a lot of you reading this, that's probably 100% true. We stream everything!

person looking at the new releases for dvds
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However, the Best Buy news also made me think of a trend that TikTok turned me on to of people who go out of their way to collect physical media. In short, yes, physical media is more inconvenient (takes up space, can't access it on your phone, etc.). But, for these TikTokers they prefer it the old-fashioned way. In the case of the ones who collect Blu-rays and DVDs, they prefer it for reasons like: they always own it vs. having a streamer remove it from their platform, they can find titles that will likely never be on streaming, extra bonus content on the discs, and in the case of 4K, watching it on 4K disc has better quality than you can get on 4K streaming.

different dvds laid out
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So where the hell am I going with all of that? Well, for some people, new technology isn't always better! And not too long ago, I came upon a Reddit thread that touched upon that very subject, where user blankblank asked: "What outdated or obsolete tech are you still using and are perfectly happy with?"

person saying, i was fine with technology right up to 1995

The thread got over 16K responses from people sharing the everyday obsolete things they still prefer to use. Below are the top, best, most often repeated comments:

1."Wired earphones. Cheap, don't have to charge them, and don't need to worry about losing them."


2."A calculator. You know...with buttons and a screen."


3."Still love playing the Nintendo GameCube."

the gaming console

4."I still take a notepad and pen into every meeting,"

person taking notes

5."Watches that only tell the time. Maybe the date, too 🙂."

digital watch

6."My iPod Classic - 160GB."

hand holding an ipod

7."Streaming services are too inconsistent, anything could be dropped at any time and we're shit outta luck. And too expensive — one is fine, but every company making their own now made the cost ridiculous. Now I just buy a DVD and rip it to a hard drive for convenience."

stack of dvds

8."My film cameras."

person taking a photo with a film camera

9."I own my music. I have 100s of CDs, so I still use my CD player and MP3 player. And, to be honest, I still have about 150 vinyl albums I play on occasion."

person lying on the floor surrounded by stacks of cds

10."Wired internet connection. I love wires, so much more reliable."

connection wire to a laptop

11."Printers that you can print with without a subscription."

printer machine

12."I store my passwords in a physical pen-and-paper notebook. I am not impressed at the notion of storing passwords in some sort of cloud-based solution."

password writen on a notebook

13."A regular door bell."

finger ringing the doorbell

14."I cone drip my coffee and heat the water up in a kettle. I have a fancy Keurig with a screen that has been collecting dust for two years and I refuse to use it."

drip coffee

15."Physical buttons. Not everything needs to be touchscreen for goodness sake."

hand turning a knob in the car

16."A light switch. I just moved into a new house, which has 'smart switches,' which, I swear to god, are the dumbest f'ing light switches anyone’s ever thought up. On. Off. That’s what I want in a light switch. Maybe a little miniature fader bar on the side if you’re into romantic mood lighting. (I’m not.)."

touchscreen thermostat

17."Calendars and address books."

wall calendar

18."Some things don't need to be smart when the regular push button or knob version works fine. Simpler and fewer things that could go wrong. Like kitchen appliances. A kitchen faucet doesn't need voice commands. My air fryer doesn't need Wi-Fi connection so I can control it from an app."

simple blender

19."I am still transferring MP3s that I downloaded from the internet onto my phone. I tried paying for a music streamer for a year, but was not satisfied and also many old songs I like are not available. But by manually downloading my MP3s I can get many unusual things like: songs not on streaming, remixes, covers, etc."

file downloading

20.And lastly: "My landline phone. I love it and will never ever get rid of it. It's in my kitchen, it's yellow, and my grandpa built a little wooden picket fence around it, with fake flowers in tiny clay flower pots."

home telephone
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You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.