People Are Sharing The "Cozy Spaces" They've Created For Themselves, And It's So Addicting To Look At

When most people are trying to feel zen, they listen to music, meditate, or exercise. I, on the other hand, peruse r/CozyPlaces. Here are the 21 coziest rooms, mobile homes, patios, and backyards that I've found on the site.

1."How I separated my bed in my one-room apartment."

An apartment
u/auradasos / Via

2."This is the school bus my husband and I converted into a mobile home."

A mobile home
u/sloppyjoesaresexy / Via

3."My wedding last night."

A wedding table set
u/Phineous / Via

4."First fall in our new home!"

A dog looking out a window
u/SCC852 / Via

5."My son wanted a camping sleepover for his birthday 🏕."

A camping sleepover
u/purplecookie1220 / Via

6."My apartment during sunrise!"

An apartment during sunrise
u/Howdy_the_frog / Via

7."This is my London studio apartment."

A studio apartment
u/iamMARX / Via

8."My '70s sunken living room in St. Paul, Minnesota."

A living room
u/ongnoi / Via

9."My little bathroom sanctuary 🪴."

A cozy bathtub
u/sacralsight / Via

10."I live on a boat. It's my cozy place."

A boat converted into a home
u/elizabethanyay / Via

11."Just moved into a gorgeous 1916 bungalow. Our living room came together nicely!"

A bungalow
u/LTAGO5 / Via

12."Coziest place I know: my mom’s city garden."

A garden in the city
u/edith_hbr / Via

13."My cozy library space with my pup!"

A dog in a library
u/JBrizzie / Via

14."We upgraded our dog's bed area and gave him his own cozy corner."

A dog in his area
u/Boolaid / Via

15."My San Francisco apartment."

An apartment in San Francisco
u/rahmin1337 / Via

16."Finally made a shelf for my bed projector!"

A film projector in a bedroom
u/ditchloach / Via

17."Our secret garden in Brooklyn right before wine and sunset."

A patio
u/Commercial-Editor-46 / Via

18."My A-frame hammock bed."

A hammock bed in the floor
u/dirtandglass / Via

19."Someone said it was (very small) cinema cellar."

A movie cellar
u/tdavidagarim / Via

20."My mum’s living room this festive period — bonus points for her tree topper!"

A Christmas tree in a living room
u/eternal__scout / Via

21.And finally, "My bedroom is one of my favorite places. Michigan, USA. Yes, the stars glow."

A bedroom with stars on the ceiling
u/TheGeekstress / Via

H/T: r/CozyPlaces