People Are Sharing The Best Advice Their Abuelas Ever Gave Them, And There Are Some Great Lessons On Life And Love

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In honor of Latine Heritage Month, we asked our BuzzFeed Community to share advice they received from their abuelas that ultimately changed their lives, and let's just say they didn't disappoint.

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1.“You are the most important person in your life.”


"After years of putting people first who did not deserve to be first and bending over backwards to please others at the expense of my own happiness, this advice changed my life and taught me to prioritize my health and well-being."


2."Life's too short for bad booze, bad men, and bad coffee."



3.“The more things you do, the more things you have time to do.”


"Business founder (as a woman in 1940s) and a mother of eight, she led by example when it came to time management. Thanks to her teachings, I did a double-major while holding three part-time jobs, and suffered zero stress while doing it."


4."Never go backward with anything, stay where you are until you can do better or move forward."

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"Best life advice ever!"

—Mimi L.

5.“Men don’t think with this head [pointing to head], they think with the head downstairs.”


"It's my favorite thing my grandma said to me and she was absolutely right!"


6."My man only needs to get to know me from the neck down."

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"My grandma used to tell me that my mind only belongs to myself. I miss her like crazy every day."


7."Choosing a man should be like going into a candy shop. Do you go in and just try one? No. You try them all!”


—Vanessa E.

8."Make sure you like the sound of his voice and the stories he tells, and that he also loves yours. With time, that is what we have left to give and receive."

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"I'm about to celebrate 20 years together with my significant other."

—Autumn M.

9."If you don't have sugar for your coffee, don't go borrowing it from your neighbor. Drink your coffee without sugar."

Jenny Lorenzo

"There are many interpretations to this saying. Bottom line, don't share your problems/news with just anyone. Gossiping is something she hated the most. Not just anyone got to be part of her inner circle."

—Magaly P.

10."Once you throw out the trash, you don’t bring it back in."


"This was in reference to breakups."

—Illissa M.

11."Never rely on a man. He may leave you for another woman or die on you unexpectedly. Get an education and be self-sufficient."


"So, I did. Great words of wisdom."

—Susana V.

12."Always keep the receipts of your work. Some people just want you to fail."


—Beck S.

13."Grow your nails so it's easier to flip tortillas."

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—Janine G.

14."Fuck what people say. This is how God made you and made you into the world. You live your happy life and fuck what people say."


"She had a way of sharing wisdom through sayings. This was the best advice I got from my abuelita, who was born in 1918, when we talked about me being gay."

—Steven S.

15."My abuela taught me that no matter how sweet or how old she was, she would roast us with no hesitation."


"I miss that woman so damn much."

—Katherin V.

16."Men are like avocados — it's very difficult to find a good one."

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"She said this while teaching me how to cook. I miss and love her. She's my angel!"

—Cindy M.

17."Better to be alone than with bad company."

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—Kristy P.

Latine Heritage Month is here! Join us in celebrating from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 and support our content celebrating la cultura.

  Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed
Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Was there a piece of advice or a saying that your abuela would use that really stuck with you? Share it with us in the comments below!