People Are Roasting Their Dads On TikTok For Shaking Snacks In Their Hands Before Eating Them

Kelly Allen

From Delish

You may think TikTok is only good for viral dances, food trends, and life hacks...but think again! TikTok is great for pointing out little (yet hilarious) details, and the current victim of this is...every single dad out there. People are realizing that all dads shake snacks, specifically nuts, in their hands before they eat them. Unsurprisingly, they’re being made fun of for it.

So many TikTok users have shared videos of their dads innocently eating snacks. Most of them show dads eating cashews, almonds, and mixed nuts. Some dads didn’t know they were being filmed, some didn’t know why they were being filmed, and others defended their actions. Alone, each video is funny. When they’re all watched consecutively, it’s hysterical.

One dad said that he does it to make the nuts more condensed after they spread onto his hand, so it’s easier to throw them in his mouth. In the comments of the various videos, someone said that dads do it to “wake up the flavor.” I feel like that’s definitely something a dad would say. Others speculated that dads do it so the snack doesn’t get sweaty in their hands. Oh, and there was no shortage of gambling jokes tossed in there.

Dads, we need to know the answer! Is this something that was passed on to you from your father? Did he tell you why or do you do it without question? Fill us in. Please and thanks!

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