People Are Roasting Canada's New Passport Design, And I Really Don't Blame Them

Canada just unveiled its new passport design.

1) Current Canadian Passport Design2 New Canadian Passport Design. Which is your favourite?

— Olú (@Olufemiloye) May 10, 2023

Jeffrey Whyte / Alamy

They did it in grandiose fashion at a press conference, complete with a dramatic reveal of large-size passport models.

Two people presenting a large placard showing the new design which features the old royal crown design flanked by a maple leaf

And while some people aren't happy about the new design...

Canada's new passport design has been unveiled.Security features have been enhanced but images of Vimy Ridge and Terry Fox have been replaced by seasonal scenes including a man raking leaves.Related read: you like the changes?YOUR TAKE

— CTVTheDebate (@CTVTheDebate) May 10, 2023

...other people are complaining about something else: The size.

I assumed the anger on my timeline over Canada’s new passport was overblown but it’s not. This is outrageous. It’s so big. Who approved this.

— Pat Dubois (@patdubois) May 10, 2023


This tweet has gone super viral, and the responses to it are, well, just see.

#BREAKING: Canada has unveiled a new design to the Canadian Passport.It will be rolled out this summer.It’s not red.

— Kris Pangilinan (@KrisReports) May 10, 2023


From "how can this fit in my pocket"?

Totally not a real country. How can anyone be expected to fit that in their pocket?

— Kevin Baum (@kevinbaum013) May 11, 2023


To "seems impractically large."

This seems impractically large.

— Utah Daily Snow (@WasatchSnow) May 10, 2023


People are all saying the same thing.

What is this?! A passport for giants? It's got to be at least 2 sizes smaller.

— drMediaPro (@drMediaPro) May 10, 2023


It's too damn big.

no way this can fit in my carry on.

— Snatched (@Snatchedlol) May 11, 2023


This person said they'd have to carry a giant easel around.

I have to carry a giant easel with me every time I travel now? smh

— 🐀🦇 alix 💗💜💙 (@MarleysGhost) May 10, 2023

CPAC new passport-carrying cases.

Canadians with new passport travelling this fall:

— khai 🧧🎏🐈‍⬛ (@sumtimw0ng) May 10, 2023


The whole thing is absurd.

Cleveland is prepared…

— Andrew Smith (@iSmitty12) May 11, 2023


This is the perfect kind of humor for my extremely smooth brain.

Too big. Impractical.

— Brian Killoran (@BriKi) May 11, 2023


Keep it up, Canada.

US needs to retaliate with an even bigger passport and more unwieldy passport

— Diego Hernandez Nater (@dhernandeznater) May 12, 2023


This is the kind of content we need.

I just want to say that I’ve seen a million versions of the “but it’s too big” joke and every single one of them is funny

— drugh (@iamdrewling) May 11, 2023