People are really confused by Daniel Craig's 'plastic'-looking face

People seem to believe Daniel Craig may have gone under the knife. (Photo: Shutterstock)
People seem to believe Daniel Craig may have gone under the knife. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Wax figure or real person? With Daniel Craig, some fans can’t tell.

The actor appeared at the annual British Academy Film Awards this weekend, only to startle fans with his unrecognizable face. Sure, the former James Bond looked a little waxy and wrinkle-free for a 49-year-old, but who doesn’t in this industry?

He presented the award for Best Film at the end of the night. And viewers were more intrigued by his face than the winner. They took to Twitter to talk about Craig’s “plastic” and “puffy” appearance. It started out as people simply wondering why he looked “different,” but the conversation quickly morphed into plastic surgery accusations.

“Daniel Craig is ready for Madame Tussauds,” one user wrote. “That’s not him. Come on. It’s a double,” another insisted. “Daniel Craig looks proper jowly and puffy faced tonight. A recent face lift or a Greggs blowout?! #baftas,” someone so bluntly stated. Others wondered if he was suffering from an allergic reaction or a bee sting.

Of course, some have turned him into plastic-faced memes.

Others compared him to men known for plastic surgery, or just somewhat shocking looks, like Tom Cruise and Vladimir Putin.

Then there are those pointing out that he’s simply aging.

And some think Craig looked as hot as ever.

This is exactly what happened to Catherine Zeta-Jones a few months ago. The actress posted some highly filtered (we think) photos on Instagram that got her fans questioning her appearance.

Personally, we wouldn’t mind looking as fresh-faced as either one of them.

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