People Online Are Getting Nostalgic For ‘90s Pizza Hut Restaurants For Some Reason

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: Peter Charlesworth - Getty Images
Photo credit: Peter Charlesworth - Getty Images

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There is no shortage of things out there to feed your nostalgia right now, especially if you're a '90s kid. Dunkaroos are back, SunnyD is on shelves, and you can pack them all away in a '90s-style Igloo cooler. But in case you're still wishing we were back in a time of neon scrunchies and tiny sunglasses (other than you know, right now...), you can simply log on to Twitter where, for some reason, everyone is pining to be back at a "vintage" Pizza Hut.

My best guess about how this whole thing started is when Twitter user @Super70sSports asked followers to remember a time when a Pizza Hut pan pizza was served on a table with an actual pan. Replies from there centered around people sharing their own Pizza Hut memories from the iconic red cups to the checkered tablecloths to the delicious salad bar.

Even Pizza Hut and the Book It! program got in on the fun, with the latter reminding us that yeah, they still exist and, yeah, kids can still get free pizza just for reading books. Honestly...made me tear up a bit!!

Even with all of us old people waxing nostalgic about our beloved childhood pizza-related memories, some people—especially those of Gen Z—were a little bit confused. Many Pizza Huts have since switched to primarily take-out only, so understandably, they had no idea what anyone was talking about.

I guess the only thing there is to do for the rest of us is get a big red cup full of fountain soda, grill up a pan pizza, and yell at Gen Z-ers on TikTok about how they don't remember the good old days. Just kidding, they'd find a way to roast us back even harder. As they should! ILY '90s Pizza Hut!!!

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