People Are Making Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Boards To Build The Perfect Mugs Of Hot Cocoa

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Photo credit: Instagram @buildingthebairds; @brookeagraham
Photo credit: Instagram @buildingthebairds; @brookeagraham

From Delish

Now that you’ve made a charcuterie chalet, it’s time to try another type of charcuterie board. Instead of the typical meat and cheese spread you’re used to, people are making hot chocolate charcuterie boards that will have making a cup of hot cocoa so much more fun.

The best thing about building any charcuterie board is that there are no rules when you’re creating it. It’s all about options so that everyone will have items that they love. For the hot chocolate charcuterie board, make sure you have plenty of hot chocolate — either in single packets or a large Mason jar. Marshmallows, chocolate, candy canes, and whipped cream are all obvious choices that will help you make a classic hot chocolate. However, don’t let the fun stop there.

To get more creative, try filling your board with cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, graham crackers, chocolate chips, peppermint bark, and even mini Christmas-themed cakes. After all, who makes the rules for what can go in a mug of hot cocoa?

Now that we’re all thoroughly craving hot chocolate, it’s time to start planning what you’ll pick up on your next run to the grocery store. Use the pictures below to spark ideas so you can build the most fun hot chocolate charcuterie board this holiday season!

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