People Say This Lumbar Pillow Is The ‘Goldie Locks’ Of Seat Cushions

Jasmine Gomez
Photo credit: Raymond Ho
Photo credit: Raymond Ho

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Though being able to sit in bed while doing my job is nice, this work-from-home situation has my body all out of whack. Slouching and bad posture have sadly become the norm, and my back is paying for it. If this sounds like your current life story, I think I have the perfect solution: the Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow, a #1 best seller on Amazon.

I'm most productive when I'm sitting at the dining table to do work, but the table's wooden chairs are so uncomfortable. They definitely weren't designed to sit in for hours. Luckily, this lumbar support pillow is designed to make any chair that much more tolerable and soft. It's designed with memory foam, so that your joints have some cushion to push up against as you're sitting down.

Though it's ideal for office chairs, the pillow can fit onto any kind of chair, even your car seat. It's made with dual adjustable straps to keep it secure and in place no matter where you place it. You can move it up or down the chair based on which part of your back you feel needs the most support.

TBH, upgrading your current chair is a way cheaper option than having to buy a whole new one. Just ask this customer:

"As a software developer, this is exactly what I was looking. Between choosing a brand new 'gaming' type chair that can help me sit for hours (meaning I'd have to replace my computer chair that was not cheap), or choosing this 'EverLasting Comfort,' I'd say this was definitely the best choice one can make," one person wrote.

Plus, once you get it, you won't have to use it for weeks to experience relief. It's sort of an immediate thing.

"I really do love this honestly. I'm an artist so I sit in my chair hunched over like a goblin half of the time and thus have very bad lower back pain. I've only had the cushion for two days now writing this review, but hey it does the trick. Already I can tell the difference as it helps me sit up a little better and is comfy. I saw another review that read 'this is like the Goldie Locks of cushions, because [it's] just right' and honestly... yeah," wrote another reviewer.

You can get your own cushion ASAP. It's less than $30 on Amazon.

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