People Are Feeling Red-Faced And Downright Exposed After This Interior Designer Called Out 3 Of The Worst Ways To Decorate Your Home

Bilal Rehman is a luxury interior designer who has been in the industry for five years. He is currently the CEO and principal designer of Bilal Rehman Studio.

And Bilal recently caused over 12.6 million people to question their own interior designing skills when he made this TikTok sharing three things that he vehemently believes can make your house look cheap:

In his TikTok, Bilal shares "what to avoid so your house doesn't look like a piece of shit": GREY FLOORING, FURNITURE SETS, AND MASS-PRODUCED WALL DECOR.

"Why do I feel seen?"

According to Bilal, grey wood floors are super generic, suck the life out of any space you have, and devalue your space.

Screenshot from Bilal's TikTok

The second home decor no-no, says Bilal in his TikTok, is matching furniture sets. "It doesn't feel collective, it doesn't feel designer, it doesn't feel high-end."

Bilal Rehman

Lastly, mass-produced artwork from places like HomeGoods can make your home look tacky. He suggests going to Etsy or a local artist to get unique pieces.

Screenshot from Bilal's TikTok

As you can imagine, people were screaming, lol.

"I'm screaming"

Many of them currently living in one of those not-so-luxury-designed places.

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BuzzFeed spoke to Bilal who immediately informed us that GREY FLOORS WERE NEVER IN STYLE!


So, if you're wondering what types of floors are in style, Bilal has some suggestions:

"Personally, if I were building a home from the ground up or renovating, I would choose Bad Bitch Black* hardwood floors! The black flooring adds immediate sex appeal to any space and is a great foundation for anything you want to layer on top of it. If black flooring isn’t your thing, I would first analyze your personal style and what emotion you want to evoke in your house. If you’re someone who would like your home to feel light and bright, I would opt for a white-washed wood or a bleached oak. If wood isn’t your thing, a lighter travertine, limestone, or white tile would be an equally great alternative. For those of you who have a more traditional style, wood or tile flooring in the taupe, brown, or honey-colored family would be a great choice," he explained.

*Bad Bitch Black isn't a brand of hardwood flooring (although I really wish it was), Bilal is just passionate about black flooring!

When it comes to furniture sets, oftentimes, what is most comfortable can also be the most unappealing design-wise. However, Bilal reassured us that with the innovation and advancement in the home furnishings industry, it is now easier to find pieces that are both stylish and comfortable.

A bedroom

Buying large, trendy pieces — like a soft-padded frame bed — isn't a good idea either. "Trends in this industry come and go like fashion, so before you know it, that big investment you made is going to be last season's news and you’re left with a hard-to-clean, goes-with-nothing piece."

Arrows pointing to different parts of a bedroom set

Something not mentioned in Bilal's initial video is rugs — which he feels are important to have in your space. However, Bilal cautioned, a rug that is too small not only makes your space look smaller but it can cheapen the overall look. "When choosing a rug, the bigger the better. You want a rug that frames your room and gives you a wide enough foundation for at least two legs of every furniture piece to sit on it."

Rhinestone anything is also a bad vibe, according to Bilal. "Your bed, dining chairs, sofa, and dresser should not all look like you attacked them with a 2000s rhinestone gun! My last tip is to NEVER EVER use lighting that is above 3500 on the Kelvin scale. Unless you are a practicing physician who is performing illegal surgeries in your home, there is no excuse for your lights to be that intense."

Finally, if hiring an interior designer is unrealistic for you, Bilal recommends getting inspiration from Pinterest. "Some final tips to remember are: Vintage stores are your friend, hang your curtains from floor to ceiling (anything shorter will just make your ceiling feel lower), use a large rug, NEVER use overhead lighting, and stores like HomeGoods are never the place to find art when there are so many talented local artists who put so much passion into their creations."

If you're looking for a unique place to shop for home furnishings, Bilal Rehman Studio is officially opening its new headquarters and immersive shopping experience (Bilal Rehman Gallery) in Houston very soon, and they are accepting new clients for 2023. You can follow @bilalrehman on Instagram and @bilalrehmanstudio on TikTok for more updates.