People Who Are Divorced, Tell Us Your Biggest Regrets From Your Previous Marriage

Marriages, like any type of relationship, may not last forever. People grow apart, circumstances change, betrayals occur...the list goes on and on. Though many people vow they'll never get divorced, sometimes it's truly the healthiest option for a couple. Just because the marriage wasn't a fit doesn't mean both people won't continue to evolve and find something that does work.

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Though divorce may be the best choice for some people, it doesn't always come without regrets. The finality of separation can be an emotional experience that causes people to reflect, consider their actions, and look ahead to the future.

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Perhaps you hadn't gone to therapy before getting married the first time and never took the time to process your childhood traumas. As a result, you had a lot of baggage going into your first marriage, and you didn't know how to cope. You regret not working on yourself first and failing to better understand what you need in a healthy relationship.

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Maybe your first marriage was to your high school sweetheart, and after separating, you realized how much you regretted rushing into that relationship. Though you loved that person, you wanted very different things and didn't know how to express that then. You regret not being alone when you were younger and fostering your own sense of independence before settling down.

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Or, perhaps, you regret being unfaithful to your first spouse. You had a supportive partner who you cared for, but you couldn't shake some bad habits from your youth and acted recklessly on more than one occasion. You cheated and came clean, but your spouse couldn't move past it and filed for divorce. You deeply regret your actions and wish you had treated them more respectfully.

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If you're divorced, do you have any regrets from your previous marriage? What are some lessons you've learned? Please share in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.