People Can't Stop Buying Deion Sanders' Incredibly Viral Sunglasses

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  • Deion Sanders recently handed out sunglasses to his team and several sportscasters

  • It comes on the heels of rival coach Jay Norvell's recent comments presumably taking jabs at Sanders' fashion sense

  • The football legend's signature shades are now a highly sought-after accessory, and we've found where to buy them

Folks, I will level with you: I am relatively football-ignorant. Am I aware of several famous pigskin players? Sure, but for the silliest reasons. Of course, I know Bo Jackson because he was on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Fran Tarkenton? Historic Saturday Night Live host. Bart Oates? Great on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. And true story: I once worked on a film shoot with the New York Giants' Tiki Barber. We were hanging out between takes, and all I talked about with him was his appearance on the reboot of Knight Rider.

I'm not one of these annoying "sports are dumb" internet dwellers, though. I love baseball. I've pounded a tall boy in the parking lot of an Islanders game. I'm on a mission to high-five the New York Liberty's new elephant mascot. But football? Things have got to get weird for some matters in football to get my focus.

University of Colorado Boulder Football Coach Deion Sanders handing out sunglasses like he's the Johnny Appleseed of eye protection? Well, color me intrigued.

colorado football spring game
Matthew Stockman - Getty Images

Last week, Deion Sanders, best known (to me) as a rapper and Saturday Night Live host, appeared on The Pat McAfee Show, whose host is best known (again to me) for his match against Austin Theory at Wrestlemania 38. Of course, for many, Sanders (a.k.a. "Coach Prime") is best known for his consecutive Super Bowl wins, induction into both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame, and being the only athlete to play in both a Super Bowl and a World Series, because apparently, some folks think that's more impressive than appearing on the soundtrack to the 1994 movie Street Fighter.

Anyway, during the conversation, Coach Prime distributed PRIME 21 sunglasses to McAfee and the hosts of First Take. As ESPN notes, Sanders handed out the same sunglasses to Colorado players during a team meeting on Thursday.

So, what's the deal with the sunglasses? As it turns out, it stems from Sanders catching a stray from Colorado State coach Jay Norvell and refusing to take it lying down.

"I sat down with ESPN today. And I don't care if they hear it in Boulder. I told them, 'I took my hat off, and I took my glasses off.'" Norvell said on his radio program. "And I said, 'When I talk to grown-ups, I take my hat and my glasses off.' That's what my mother taught me."

Sanders told McAfee that he didn't care for Norvell's comments initially, but evidently, he turned the jab into something positive. His team was more motivated to face Colorado State than ever (Sanders' Buffs ultimately beat the Rams, 43-35), and his sunglasses distribution stunt created a high demand for the PRIME 21 sunglasses. Now, Blender is currently accepting pre-orders for his signature gold shades:

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