People are using a 'Tom and Jerry' clip to show off their glow-ups from high school: 'Didn’t even think that was the same person'

A popular new TikTok trend is putting a whole new spin on before and after transformations, thanks to a scene from the classic cartoon Tom and Jerry.

In the clip, Jerry gets up from his chair, peers through a window and rubs his eyes before doing a double take, apparently stunned by what he sees. Using the #CapCut app, TikTokers have been splicing in photos of themselves from high school for the first cut, followed by photos of themselves today to make it look like Jerry’s amazement is over just how much they’ve changed since graduating.

User @lumber_jakey posted one of the trend’s first videos on Jan. 21, sharing news of their transition.

“POV: You haven’t seen me since high school and now we’re all in our 20’s,” the video caption read before showing @lumber_jakey as an awkward teen in the first photo and a happy trans woman in the next.

Another video, shared by @m3glm, features the TikToker showing off her “guns” in high school, only to be upstaged by a photo of her current, seriously ripped body.

There was also a clip from @shayleemann, showing how she went from a popular-looking teen who did her best to fit in to a twenty-something with dark hair, dark lipstick, and an arm sleeve full of tats.

In the days that followed, other TikTokers joined in.

TikToker @josiehamming_ used it to show off how years of hard work in the gym turned her into an incredibly toned weightlifter.

On the other hand, @papa.donnnnn jokingly used the meme to show off his post-high school weight gain. (Incredibly, that video earned over 1.6 million views in just a week.)

And then there were those like @geooojones, who simply wanted to show off their glow-ups from a somewhat modest and dorky high schooler to a confident, body-positive adult.

As the trend continues to go viral, people have been weighing in in the comments section and applauding TikTokers on their “After” looks.

“Stunninggggggg girl,” someone commented on one video.

“Didn’t even think that was the same person!” said another.

“Ok def nothing wrong with the first pic,” someone else assured, “but that’s incredible…get it!!”

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