People Are Getting Trump Tattoos, Because Why Not?

Emotions are running high after last week’s election put Donald Trump in line as the next leader of our country. Protests have been breaking out in cities across America in dissent of Trump’s divisive ideologies and rhetoric. While some people are taking out their frustration with the election results through social activism, others are wearing their disdain for the president-elect on their sleeve … or calf … or back.

Would you get this face tattooed on your body? (Photo: Getty images)
Would you get this face tattooed on your body? (Photo: Getty images)

In the wake of the election, people have been getting Trump-themed tattoos to show their passion for or against the candidate. It’s a very, very permanent way to show future generations which side of history you were on at the time. Though we think simply verbally stating this would suffice, folks are getting pretty creative with their Trump tats, and it’s certainly entertaining to see.

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There are also tattoos celebrating the president-elect’s victory.

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No matter whether you’re for or against Trump, one thing is clear: A Trump tat is a bold statement to make. His presidency will have a lasting mark on the nation as well as the people who decided to ink his likeness on their bodies.

And if you might later regret the decision to make your feelings for Trump really, really official, laser removal is an expensive option. “The laser works by penetrating the skin, breaking up the ink particles, which would bring the ink from inside of your skin cells outside of them,” Carly Cardellino wrote for Yahoo Beauty of her experience getting a tattoo removed. “When this happens, your body’s own immune system recognizes the ink as a foreign object and gradually eliminates it over time through your lymphatic system.” According to Cardellino, it took quite a while for her tattoo to disappear completely, as certain colors are harder to remove than others. “It took only a few sessions to see the tattoo lighten up overall, but it wasn’t until almost 18 sessions later that I saw my tattoo totally disappear. The below picture was two years in the making, going to Dr. Rohksar for a year, and then Dr. Friedman for another 18 months.”

As far as the cost goes, Cardellino says it’s important to make sure your coins are in order before you attempt laser removal. “Getting a tattoo removed often costs more per session than your initial tattoo itself, running you between $300 and $500 for a small tattoo, $600 to $700 for a medium-size one, and $800 and up to get a larger one removed. So, my advice to you is save up before you decide to get anything lasered off or talk to your derm about a payment plan.”

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