Nutella Works as Hair Dye for a Chocolate Brown Hue

Photo: @nutella/Instagram
Photo: @nutella/Instagram

Nutella and condensed milk: no, it’s not a fancy milkshake recipe. It’s a hair dye. No joke.

A salon in the United Arab Emirates is using a concoction of Nutella and condensed milk to create a chestnut brown hair color. The salon, Abed & Samer, demonstrated the unique procedure on Emirati beauty blogger Huda Kattan. The salon and the blogger both shared the process with their Instagram followers.

“???????????????????????? I can’t believe this!! Hair coloring using Nutella by @abedallahitani Nice results, who would try this? #hudabeauty,” Kattan captioned the clip.

The video shows the stylist, Abed Allahitani, dropping three dollops of the tasty topping onto her locks, and then drizzling the condensed milk on top—it really sounds like we are describing the making of a dessert, but we’re not.

It sounds totally disgusting and damaging but apparently it’s not. If you think about it…it kind of makes sense. If it’s safe enough to go in your body, it can’t be that bad to put on your body, right? Especially compared to all the chemicals that are in hair dye.

And the proof is in the pudding…er…we mean Nutella. After letting her hair sit in foils, Kattan’s hair came out a beautiful dull brown.

Allahitani swears by the stuff, apparently; a few days early he used the recipe on another women. After painting the woman’s hair with the hazelnut spread, he achieved similar results.

To be honest, we aren’t that surprised it’s come to this; over the summer Spoon University made the claim that our morning must-have drink, Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, can double as an easy natural alternative for dyeing your hair darker.

We’re definitely intrigued, but the problem is, seeing and smelling the Nutella will just make us hungry for a hazelnutty treat.

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