Take a Peek Inside Shel Silverstein's Whimsical Houseboat That's Now for Sale

Jennifer Aldrich
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Shel Silverstein's stories are a beloved memory of many childhoods. (After all, his books have sold more than 20 million copies around the world.) Growing up, I'd regularly request A Giraffe and a Half as my bedtime book because I loved the whimsical illustrations so much. And apparently, the author's taste in decor is just as fun as his drawings. Silverstein's former residence is officially on the market, and it just happens to be a houseboat that features both original and updated features.

Courtesy of Christian Klugmann, Engel & Völkers

The World War II-era balloon barge resides in Sausalito, California, which has just 7,000 residents and is about four miles north of San Francisco. The 1,200 square-foot home was originally built around 1942 and is currently listed for $783,000, says Dianne Andrews, the listing agent. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom space floats in Richardson Bay and is perfect for someone living solo, a couple, or even a small family.

The main room on the first floor hasn't been touched since Silverstein lived there from 1985 until he died in 1999. (Silverstein's good friend and photographer Larry Moyer then lived in the home until 2016.) It connects to the kitchen and dining area that has modern, gas-powered stainless-steel appliances. From the kitchen, a staircase leads down to the stern of the ship. There is a living room, master bedroom, small second bedroom, and a bathroom with modern fixtures on the lower level. Inside the master bedroom are a small den and a washer and dryer.

Sausalito, which was a shipbuilding hub during World War II, became a bohemian haven once the war was over. Musicians, dancers, writers, and other artists built houseboat communities because it was a more affordable alternative to a traditional home, according to the city of Sausalito's website. In Silverstein's former home, you can still find some of his artistic touches, including beautiful stained glass windows and hand-painted doors in the main room. The city's site notes that many creatives still live in the Sausalito, and tourists frequent the area to see the houseboats. (And to enjoy the gorgeous California weather, of course.)

Courtesy of: Christian Klugmann, Engel & Voelkers

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To learn more about Shel Silverstein's houseboat, head to the listing if you're interested in viewing (or purchasing) the home. Or, simply click through the many inspiring photos for a glimpse into the late author's aesthetic.