Who Are Pedro Pascal’s Siblings? His Sister’s Kids Convinced Him To Star In ‘The Last Of Us’

Sibling love forever. Pedro Pascal’s siblings are showered with love whenever he mentions them. The Mandalorian actor talks about them on social media sometimes as well as interviews.

The Last of Us actor and his older sister was born in Santiago, Chile, but moved to the US after dictator Augusto Pinochet rose to power and his parents were Salvador Allende supporters. “(My parents) were so brave, and without them, I wouldn’t be here in this wonderful country,” he said in his Saturday Night Live monologue. “And I certainly wouldn’t be standing here with you all tonight.”

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His younger brother and sister were born in the United States and the family moved from San Antonio, Texas and settled in Orange County, California, and had regular trips back to Chile to “visit his 34 cousins.” He told Variety about how his heritage was perceived in the states. “I remember at one point not even realizing that my parents had accents until a friend was like, ‘Why does your mom talk like that?’” Pascal says. “And I remember thinking, like what?”

Since then, his siblings grew up and have successful careers, where Pedro is extremely vocal and supportive of his siblings.

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So who are Pedro Pascal’s siblings? Read more to find out.

Who are Pedro Pascal’s siblings?

Javiera Balmaceda

Pedro Pascal’s eldest sibling is Javiera Balmaceda. She is currently the head of local originals at Amazon Studios for Spanish-speaking Latin America, which produced “Argentina, 1985.” which was nominated for best international feature at The 95th Academy Awards. The two attended the event together. “It’s exciting to be part of such an ambitious project that will take audiences on a journey through a pivotal point in Argentina’s history,” she said. Pedro himself supported the project on Instagram, “Mothers went to the streets to scream on behalf of their children disappeared to a bloody military regime. No other country in the world at that time had taken on their genocidal leaders to expose their crimes and demand justice. #Argentina1985 #AcademyAward nominated for this year’s Best International Feature Film. ”

It was actually Javiera’s children that convince Pedro to take up the role of Joel in the Last of Us, Pedro revealed in a roundtable with the cast. “I called my sister to tell her about this job that I want badly. She was in the car driving my nephews to school. And I was on speaker and I didn’t know they were in the car. I was like, having a conversation about this amazing job that is based on a video game and it is called, The La-,” Pedro didn’t mention the whole name, but his nephews instantly freaked out. “Then Bruno and Pedro were like ‘The Last of Us?’ You have to get this job! Mommy, pull over, said Pedro in a deep voice for dramatic effects. Other cast and crew teased a little saying they have such deep voices.” Pedro played back a little by saying, Yeah they turned into demons.”

Nicolas Balmaceda

Pedro Pascal’s younger brother is Nicola Balmaceda. Pedro posted a photo of his younger sibling teasing him on his birthday while also revealing his profession, “This is my brother, Nicolas. He’s getting his PHD in pediatric neurology. He hates attention and he loves doing good. It’s his birthday. To punish him for being younger, smarter and more handsome I thought I would announce this to the world. Happy birthday @bubilibubilibu”

Lux Pascal

Pedro Pascal’s youngest sister is Lux Pascal. Like her brother, she’s also an actress and got her MFA at Julliard. She returned to Chile at the age of three with Nicolas with her parents.

She admires her brother a lot as a fellow actor. In an interview with Paula translated from Spanish, she said, “Pedro is an object of admiration for me. What he says to me is law. Sometimes I ask him: ‘Pedro, did you see that movie?’ and he tells me, ‘Yeah, I didn’t like it.’ I tell him: ‘Oh, neither do I.’ The beautiful thing about our relationship is that it happens so sporadically, once or twice a year, that the times we see each other are very intense. Either we fight a lot or we love each other too much, but it’s always like a story, like a movie. While he is there and I am here, we talk a lot on WhatsApp and Facebook.”

In 2021, Lux came out as trans and as an advocate of the LGBTQ+ community, her brother was extremely supportive. He posted photos of his sibling’s Ya feature photos. “Mi hermana, mi corazón, nuestra Lux,” Pascal wrote in his native Spanish, which translates to, “my sister, my heart, our Lux.”

She explained in a feature with Ya that her brother, “has been an important part of this. He’s also an artist and has served as a guide for me. He was one of the first people to gift me the tools that started shaping my identity.” When she came out to him as trans over FaceTime, she said he “asked me how I felt, because I remember he was a little worried.” After Lux said she was happy, the actor quickly congratulated her. “Perfect, this is incredible,” Lux recalled Pedro saying to her.“My transition has been something that’s very natural for everyone in my family,” Lux said. “It’s almost something that they expected to happen.”

“Moving through the world as a woman is much more simple for me, but I still advocate for nonbinary identities to have a space in society,” she explained in the profile. Activism is important to the actress, who said she hopes to bring positive representation to the trans community. “We need trans activists who are good, smart, informed and who can be strong voices against transphobia, homophobia and racism.”

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