Who is Pearl Davis? Self-proclaimed ‘anti-feminist’ YouTuber is being compared to Andrew Tate

Hannah Pearl Davis, who professionally goes by “Pearl,” has amassed millions of followers after her self-proclaimed “anti-feminist” remarks have gone viral on Twitter and TikTok. Davis, 26, has been compared to Andrew Tate — a former British Big Brother contestant turned social media personality who has since been banned from most social media platforms and charged with rape and human trafficking.

In the past year, Davis has become a high-profile figure with an audience similar to Tate’s. She told Insider in March that she doesn’t “hate women” but feels as though her podcast and YouTube channel get backlash because she’s producing “a form of media that advocates for me.”

As her audience has exploded in recent months, others who are getting introduced to her controversial points of view — including it’s a woman’s fault if her male partner cheats; that it’s “99.9999% the woman’s fault” if she’s unmarried and pregnant — through viral videos can’t help but wonder how she got to have this huge platform.

Where did Pearl Davis come from?

Insider reported that Davis grew up in a 10-bedroom house with her nine siblings and parents in Chicago. Her mother, Jennifer Davis, was at one point on the board of directors for UN Women USA, which supports gender-equality programs of the United Nations.

Davis started posting on social media in 2020 with content about her life and started building an audience on TikTok with her since-deleted series called “Breakup Quiz,” where she helped people figure out why they were dumped.

She told Insider she was inspired to join YouTube after watching “Ben Shapiro, Thomas Sowell and some other YouTubers” while in college. Shapiro is a political commentator who has been described as “right-wing” and a “radical conservative” by media outlets. Sowell is an economist and social commentator who is critical of affirmation action and race-based quotas.

What are some of Pearl Davis’s beliefs?

On June 28, Davis shared what she called her “most extreme opinion,” which is that she doesn’t think women should vote. In a Twitter video that’s been viewed more than 1.2 million times, Davis claimed: “The courts, the legal system, all of society is basically pandering and simping for women.”

Davis brought up the point again during a three-hour interview with YouTuber Ethan Klein on the “H3” podcast.

“If feminists want the right to vote, right, then it should come with the draft,” she said. “Where are the feminists fighting for equality in this situation?”

U.S. law currently states that there is no draft unless there is a national emergency that the all-volunteer military can’t properly address. There has not been an active draft since the Vietnam War ended in 1975. Women are not required to register for the draft.

In the same “H3” episode, Davis also proposed banning divorce.

“I just think that if you want to leave, you just shouldn’t get married,” she said. “Marriage is supposed to be for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, it’s not supposed to be when I feel like leaving. The majority of divorces now it’s just when the girl feels like leaving.”

Davis may be referencing statistics that show as women began entering the workforce at increasing rates in the 1960s and 1970s, divorce rates also started to rise. While there are many reasons for divorce, studies have found that women being financially independent from their husbands has resulted in marriages becoming “less stable.”

“I think we should have policies that push ‘family,'” Davis continued on the “H3” podcast. “I think women are happier when we have family and kids over a career in the long run.”

Davis is not married, nor does she have children of her own.

How are people reacting to Pearl Davis?

Despite Davis denying that she exaggerates her opinions for attention, the general consensus over her opinions appears to be skepticism.

“She’s learned that having controversial opinions pays,” one Reddit user wrote in a conversation about her. “I’m guessing she’s been studying the business of influence.”

“She is a hustler trying to make money and find her niche,” someone added. “She will ironically make the most money from men by catering to their thought process.”

“That’s how I feel about Andrew Tate,” another agreed. “They are playing a character to sell a product.”

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