Peanut Butter Blackberry Dog Popsicle Recipe

peanut butter blackberry dog popsicles with milkbone treats
peanut butter blackberry dog popsicles with milkbone treats

Daily Paws / Jason Donnelly

What better way to cool off on a hot day than with a popsicle? Now you can get your pup in on all the summer fun with these homemade dog popsicles that use ingredients they are sure to approve. To kick off the summer festivities, all you need is four ingredients: blackberries, bananas, peanut butter, and yogurt. Instead of using traditional popsicle sticks, which could be a choking hazard and dangerous if consumed, use dog bone treats to function as an edible popsicle stick. These popsicles are easy to make, all you will do is combine the ingredients in a food processor and freeze the mixture until the popsicles are frozen. After that, it's time for you and your pup to hit up the beach where they can enjoy their new favorite summer snack.

Prep: 15 mins

Freeze: 4 hrs

Total: 4 hrs 15 mins

Yield: 8 to 10 popsicles


  • ½ cup blackberries

  • 2 sliced bananas, frozen

  • ½ cup natural creamy peanut butter*

  • ½ cup plain unsweetened yogurt*

  • Popsicle sticks or dog bone-shaped treats


Step One
Using a food processor, puree blackberries until smooth. Remove from food processor bowl and set aside; rinse bowl. Add the three remaining ingredients. Cover and process, adding water as needed, until a soft-serve ice cream texture is reached.

Step Two
Layer the blackberry mixture and peanut butter mixture in popsicle molds or small disposable paper cups, swirling as desired. Insert popsicle sticks or bone-shaped treats and freeze at least 4 hours or until frozen solid.

Step Three
Popsicles can be stored, tightly covered, in freezer for up to 1 month.


*Do not select items that contain the ingredient xylitol. Xylitol is a sweetener that is sometimes found in peanut butter and yogurt products. It can be very toxic to pets, even in small amounts.

Treats should make up no more than 10 percent of a dog's daily calorie intake.