Paulina Porizkova Praised for 'Realness' After Sharing Unedited Belly Photo

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Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova is feeling more and more comfortable in her own skin.

The former supermodel, 58, recently opened up about her journey of learning to love her body as she ages, an experience that she admits hasn't always been easy.

But Porizkova has come a long way, and she took to Instagram this week to show others what self-love and a healthy body image can look like, even in one's late 50s.

To prove her point, she posted two side-by-side photos of her bare belly, one of her standing naturally, and one of her sucking in her breath and stretching her ab muscles.

While Porizkova admitted to having "good abs," from years of doing pilates, she acknowledged, "I’m also 58 and bore two children, so mommy tummy and some creepy skin are inevitable."

"When I noticed the loss of elasticity a few years back, I was horrified," she confessed. "But I was also dating someone obsessed with youth."

"Yes, we all deserve to feel comfortable in our skins," she went on to say, while stressing the importance of "finding or having a partner that sees us for the beauty we have, and loving our imperfections."

Even though she's admittedly "still working" on seeing herself as she deserves to be seen, finding the right person in partner Jeff Greenstein has made all the difference.

"I have never felt more desirable and more comfortable in the skin I’m in—mommy tummy and crepey skin and all," she wrote. "Thank you my love @sjeffgreenstein ❤️ for always seeing me as my best."

"Boy With Belly strongly approves of these sentiments ❤️" Greenstein, 60, wrote in response in the comment section.

Porizkova's fans in the comments were undeniably inspired by Porizkova's vulnerability in the raw photos, including one person who praised her for her "transparency."

"I love the realness of this (and all your posts)😍," another comment read in part, while someone else commended Porizkova by saying, "I love that you showed this side by side. And I feel you look great with a natural healthy build and that’s how everyone should be. ❤️."

"Just keepin it real in a world where few do," another fan added.

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