Paulina Ho redesigns Yahoo logo for AAPI Heritage Month

Paulina Ho redesigns Yahoo logo for AAPI Heritage Month

In celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, Yahoo commissioned Paulina Ho to re-imagine the Yahoo logo. Ho is a designer and artist from New York who resides in Taos, New Mexico.

Experimenting in all sorts of creative endeavors including branding, packaging, illustration, lettering, painting, and ceramics she creates graphic work that utilizes caricature as a means for introspection.

“The design is inspired from a mixed history of Asian art, with a modern interpretation! I hope it'll inspire joy and confidence in celebrating diversity, especially with the AAPI community.”

By exaggerating scale and color, Ho immerses her audience into her own fantastical world. Paulina’s work strikes a balance between both literal and abstract visuals, while still capturing a variety of emotions, both personal and universal.

“I think some sense of belonging contributes to the inclusivity of different perspectives. As a living Vietnamese first-generation American, it's simply nice to experience my home country observing the culture and gifts of the AAPI community.”

You can find more of the artist’s work at