Paula Abdul straight-up brags about her quarantine obsessions and her new game-changing styling tool

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For Paula Abdul, it’s been a long and legendary road. This walking, talking, stomping, sauntering definition of a national treasure has been on our radar since her humble beginnings as a Laker Girl turned secret-weapon choreographer for a slew of iconic Janet Jackson videos. When she launched her own recording career, her tunes became the soundtrack of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Her first album, Forever Your Girl, sold a whopping seven million copies and set a record for the most number-one singles from a debut. Countless awards and sold-out shows later, she became America’s sweetheart all over again as one of the original judges on American Idol.

In 2020, Abdul hit the ground wowing with a residency at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. Then COVID-19 relegated her, like the rest of us, to a largely stay-at-home life. But quarantine’s led Abdul down a new road, where she’s discovered a few obsessions she definitely isn’t being ‘hush hush’ about.

Here, she shares with Yahoo Life a few of her favorite things since the pandemic started, as well as an exciting new product that’s literally got her name all over it.

Steezy Studio Dance Classes

Get fierce on the floor with Steezy's slammin' dance tutorials. (Photo: Steezy)
Get fierce on the floor with Steezy's slammin' dance tutorials. (Photo: Steezy)

Like any true journey(wo)man performer, Abdul knows that the learning and practicing never stops. Enter Steezy Studio’s online dance tutorials.

“I’ve been taking tap lessons and it’s been great!” she reports. “I like to hit mute on the television when it’s a commercial and turn these on. I dance until the commercials are done.” And the ease and accessibility of Steezy’s video classes is a big help when you’re combating house-bound lethargy.

“There’s times when I don’t want to do it, and it’s just pushing myself—‘Just do it. Do something!’ I always feel better afterwards.” Steezy Studio classes are available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Shop it: Steezy Studio Dance Classes, free 7-day trial

Theragun Mini Massage Gun

Pain relief's in the palm of your hand with the Theragun Mini. (Photo: Amazon)
Pain relief's in the palm of your hand with the Theragun Mini. (Photo: Amazon)

“This is one of my recent purchases,” Abdul says. Call it an indulgence.” After a lifetime of treading the boards, Abdul knows from sore muscles, and Theragun’s petite yet powerful new hand massager allows her to get sweet relief—on her arms, thighs, and hips—wherever she goes.

”It does the same thing for you as the regular big Theragun...but this one pops into my purse! It’s been awesome.”

Shop it: Theragun Mini Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun, $199,

Hint Water

Get a sip of this! (Photo: Hint)
Get a sip of this! (Photo: Hint)

“I’ve never been a big water drinker.”

What? That sounds like heresy coming from a dancer...till she explains. “I have to have some little flavor to it.”

Hint is what she turns to for help — and it comes in 22 flavors, with no sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy, gluten or preservatives. (It’s even kosher-certified. Oy, we’re kvelling!)

“I found the dream water with Hint,” Abdul says, then, alluding to the its delightfully subtle fruit flavors, “The name ‘Hint’ tells you everything.”

Shop It: Hint Water $15 per case,

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Relief Gel

Abdul's doc recommended Voltaren. (Photo: CVS)
Abdul's doc recommended Voltaren. (Photo: CVS)

Five years ago Abdul was diagnosed with arthritis, a condition that’s put the kibosh on many a dancer’s career. Luckily, though, her doc steered her toward Voltaren Arthritis Pain Relief Gel.

Original a prescription-only treatment, Voltaren is now available over the counter, though it’s as strong as effective as ever. Abdul, for one, can’t live without it.

“If I didn’t use this gel, there’s no way I would have a [Vegas] residency,” she says. “I don’t leave home without it.”

Shop it: Voltaren Arthritis Pain Relief Gel, $20,

Martino Cartier x Paula Adbul ‘Forever Your Curl’ Styling Tool

Think of it as a magic wand for your flaccid tresses. (Photo: HSN)
Think of it as a magic wand for your flaccid tresses. (Photo: HSN)

“Forever Your Curl”! Get it? This sleek, styling (in more ways than one) creation, a collaboration with celebrity stylist Martino Cartier, has been, says Abdul, “one of the most exciting ventures I’ve gone into.”

Usable as a curling or flat iron, with five temperature settings and a safe-to-the-touch housing, Abdul reports, “It works for all hair types.”

After wrapping your tresses around the Forever Your Curl, she says, “you turn it 360 degrees, slowly pull it out, and there you have a curl! It’s a godsend.”

Shop it: Forever Your Curl, $131,

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