Patti LaBelle Tasted My Sweet Potato Pie and I Almost Died

My culinary dreams came true Friday when Patti LaBelle stopped by the Yahoo Food offices to chat with me about her famous sweet potato pie.

LaBelle’s pies, which are basically sold out at Walmart, are the hottest dessert in the country, thanks to a hilarious and touching viral video by Chicago singer James Wright. But he’s not the only one singing about Patti’s pies.

The legendary singer included a version of her sweet potato recipe in her 1999 cookbook, “LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About.” The recipe can be found here.


Photo: Samantha Bolton for Yahoo Food

Before I met LaBelle, I cooked up my own version of Patti’s sweet potato pie, and served it to Patti during her interview. Watch what happens when Patti tastes my homemade version of her #PattiPie. (Nope, I do not at all pretend to keep cool as Patti tries my home cooking. It took all of my might just to stay sitting in my seat!)

I, a lover of all things Patti, have now died and gone to sweet potato heaven after having Patti swoon over my own homemade #PattiPie.

We’ll have a full interview with Ms. LaBelle up soon — check back to see what she thinks of Wright’s video and what else she has cooking up.

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