Patrick Starrr’s solo beauty brand just dropped at Sephora

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Beauty lovers have recently been overwhelmed with makeup launches by their favorite internet celebrities. With influencers selling out beauty collaborations and starting brands of their own, a lot is happening in the beauty world. One/Size by Patrick Starrr, however, is a launch that has everyone talking — and it’s officially at Sephora.

Although the collection is small, the One/Size by Patrick Starrr line does fit the theme of being a “one-size-fits-all” brand. The debut products include Starrr’s Go Off Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes and the Go Off Makeup Dissolving Mist, both retailing for under $30. You can shop them online now, but if you’re an in-store shopper, the line won’t hit Sephora stores until July 30.

Shop: Go Off Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes, $15

Credit: Sephora
Credit: Sephora

The stigma around makeup wipes has often been that they’re not good for your skin. One/Size by Patrick Starrr’s makeup wipes, however, claim to be “the juiciest.” According to Starrr’s product announcement video, the wipes are an extra-large, no-tug option for removing makeup. The bag of 21 wipes features ingredients like aloe, coconut water, chamomile and cucumber extracts to soothe your skin while removing makeup.

Shop: Go Of Makeup Dissolving Mist, $24

Credit: Sephora
Credit: Sephora

The second product in the line is yet another way to take off a long day’s face beat. The Go Off Dissolving Mist is a super fine continuous spray to remove makeup on all skin types, but specifically targets those with skin concerns like oiliness and dryness. The mist is infused with jojoba and rosehip oils to help refresh and soothe skin. Think of it like a spray version of micellar water, except without it dripping all over your face and clothes.

Though a lot of us don’t realize how messy makeup removal can be, these intro products remind us that makeup — and its removal—can be a one-size routine.

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