Pat Sajak's Response to a Contestant's Unusual Hobby Is Going Viral

The 'Wheel of Fortune' host was at a loss for words over this contestant's interesting side hustle.

There truly is never a dull moment on the Wheel of Fortune stage. 

Pat Sajak once again found himself going viral online after an awkward moment on a recent episode of the long-running game show. During the Monday, Dec. 12 Wheel of Fortune episode, the host, 76,  had priceless reaction to one contestant's unique livelihood. 

While getting to know the players and their fun facts, Sajak asked a contestant by the name of Laura about her unusual, yet lucrative, hobby of making her own soap using milk from her three goats. 

But Sajak could barely get the sentence out as he asked Laura about her side hustle, as he was noticeably confused over what he was reading on his note card, as seen in the video obtained by the New York Post

"You milk goats? And you make—wait," he is heard saying, while looking back at the cue cards. "Milk—goat milk soup? Not soup, soap!" 

"Goat milk soap," Laura then clarified, adding, "It's supposed to be really good for your skin. It's really moisturizing. We've got three goats we milk every night."

According to the outlet Laura claims to take home nearly $92,000 for milking her goats and making her own soap. 

But Sajak seemingly couldn't figure out what to say next after the awkward blunder, and instead just replied "Well, good." 

The cringe-worthy moment wasn't the first time a contestant has left Sajak speechless, as he was recently at a loss for words after one player made a NSFW guess while trying to solve a puzzle in the bonus round.  

As Parade previously reported, a contestant by the name of Kate admitted that she thought the answer to the word puzzle was "Taking a leak," rather than the correct answer, "Fixing a leak." 

"I kept thinking of doing something else with leak but I didn't think that was it," Kate then stated, at which point Sajak turned his head toward the camera in shock while processing what she meant. 

He then went silent and dropped the prize card in his hands, causing the audience to roar in laughter. 

"Excuse me...these get heavy sometimes," he said following the hilarious moment.