Pat Sajak Surprised By 'Wheel of Fortune' Winner's ‘Sneaky’ Move

This season's contestants continue to surprise us.

Wheel of Fortune contestants continue to shock host Pat Sajak this season—and vice versa!

Bradley Rose, an English teacher from Kansas, was basically born to win the popular word game, but he made a risky move during the final moments of the show this Wednesday, March 9, surprising the host and viewers alike with a sneaky move during the bonus round.

A clip of the moment shared online opened on the game board, with Sajak heard saying, "Well I feel real good about this, and I don't want to jinx anything, but—please, audience, he has to say it on his own. Even if you know it, even if you think there's a chance you know it."

Meanwhile, Vanna White was working in the background to reveal all but two letters in the phrase up for guessing: "HAPP_ T_ HEAR THAT"

"Now, don't tense up," he said, addressing Bradley. "You have only ten seconds—not 11, ten. Good luck!"

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Bradley immediately launched into a special message, addressing his wife and daughters when he said, "Sino, Kalani, Shiloh, Daddy loves you," before solving the puzzle—"Happy to hear that"—before time was up.

"Yeah, that's it!" Sajak agreed through laughter. "Pretty sneaky," he added, turning to face Bradley, who stood next to him, clapping.

"What if during your greeting the buzzer went off?" he further mused as he opened up the prize card, revealing the word, "Chevy."

"Oh, look!" he said casually, showing the card to Bradley, who turned his celebration up a notch before he was led to check out his new car.

Viewers were pleasantly surprised with the win.

"Gutsy move. 10 seconds isn’t all that long," one Twitter user replied in part.

"I do admit I thought he was going to get carried away and get buzzed out. Fortunately, he didn't," a commenter on YouTube agreed.

In addition to the cherry red SUV, Bradley took home $9,600 in cash and a trip to the Bahamas worth about $7,000, bringing his grand total to $58,569.

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