Pass the Time on Your Next Layover With the 'Delta Sky Club Crawl'

We'll toast to that.

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Delta Airlines loyalists have done the impossible: They've made long layovers fun.

As any frequent flyer will tell you, long layovers are a major drag, where you're often left to languish in an uncomfortable seat in some random corner of the terminal. But, if you're lucky enough to have status with Delta, or are carrying that ultra-coveted first-class ticket, then the internet has an idea for you — the Delta Sky Club Crawl.

The crawl, which is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the actual airline, is the brainchild of the r/Delta subreddit members, who created the crawl as a way to pass the time during those ultra-long layovers. The concept is simple: Participants visit as many Delta Sky Clubs as possible during a single layover, sampling the unique drinks at each lounge. Business Insider noted there are a few additional rules: Drink one beer, wine, or shot at each Sky Club (we're adding mocktails to this list to make it more inclusive), and you can't cut the line to get entry to the clubs, you have to tip any bartenders, and you must complete the crawl all in one go.

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Several redditors have attempted — and completed — the crawl at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, located in the same city as Delta's corporate headquarters. And while you can technically do this crawl in any airport with several lounges, reddit suggests starting here.

In total, there are nine Sky Clubs in the Atlanta airport to visit throughout your self-guided crawl, including two in Concourse A, one in Concourse B, one in Concourse C, two in Concourse D, one in Concourse T, one in Concourse F, and as a bonus stop, The Centurion Lounge in Concourse E, which is exclusively for American Express Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card and American Express Platinum Card Members.

You can begin and end your crawl wherever you wish. But, as several redditors note, if you are indulging in alcoholic beverages, make sure to pace yourself. Their best tip for that? Avoid the Sky Train in the airport and walk from club to club instead.

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This has become such a popular travel pastime that several reddit users have made little bag tags you can strap to your luggage, proving you've got bragging rights for life. Or, at the very least, proof of a layover well spent.

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