'Partner Track' on Netflix Is Going to Be Your New Favorite TV Show, Trust Us

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There's a new show coming to Netflix that is not a fantasy adapted from some comic or video game you've never heard of, not based on a true story you kind of think you've heard of, and not a sitcom you've rewatched 20 times already. It's a sexy show about lawyers called Partner Track, and here's everything you need to know about the new drama.

What is Partner Track about?

The series follows Ingrid Yun, a lawyer at a New York City firm who wants to make partner no matter what it takes...despite romantic and corporate hurdles along the way. I get some Grey's Anatomy season 1 vibes. Remember when that show was about competitive interns? I guess it still is, technically, but there's a lot of other drama. Partner Track about a similar stage of a career path I technically understand but also don't really understand.

One big difference is that while Meredith Grey's fellow doctors were a diverse bunch, she herself is white, and the protagonist of Partner Track is a woman of color. Ingrid wants to be the first minority woman to make partner at her firm, which adds pressure and some complicated challenges to her journey. I've also seen folks compare the show to The Lincoln Lawyer, Suits, and Sex and the City. That's high praise!

Is Partner Track a true story?

Well, it's based on a book by Helen Wan, who started the novel while working as a first-year associate at a law firm. There may be some similarities between the TV show and the book, but keep in mind it is a fiction book. Helen also works as a public speaker, instructing colleges and law firms on how to create more inclusive environments.

Is there a trailer for Partner Track?

You betcha!

Is there another season of Partner Track coming, or??

That's going to depend, I assume, on how well the show does and whether or not it covers the whole book in season 1. We'll have to wait and see!

Who stars in Partner Track?

You may know Arden Cho, who stars as Ingrid, from Teen Wolf. She's also in Chicago Med and in the 2018 film The Honor List.

Photo credit: Vanessa Clifton/Netflix  - Netflix

Dominic Sherwood, who plays Jeff, was a low-key 2010s teen fantasy heartthrob when he played Jace in Shadowhunters and Christian in Vampire Academy. Nolan Gerard Funk, who plays Dan, was on Glee, The Flight Attendant, and Awkward. (He also played the titular role in the 2009 revival of Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway.) You know Alexandra Turshen, who plays Rachel, from shows like Ray Donovan and Red Oaks. Rob Heaps, who plays Nick, was on Good Girls. Zane Phillips plays Hunter and was recently causing mischief as Dex in Fire Island and was also in Legacies. Finally, there's Bradley Gibson who plays Tyler on Partner Track was also in Fire Island and was also on (and off) Broadway in a ton of musicals including The Lion King and Love's Labor's Lost. Uhh, musical episode of Partner Track when?!

When does Partner Track premiere?

All ten episodes in season 1 will hit Netflix on August 26, 2022. Enjoy!

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