Parrot's Colorful Response to Being Asked to Sing a Song Is Totally Epic

It's impossible not to laugh at this!

Almost everyone has a hidden talent, whether that be singing or playing an instrument or doing an impression or even juggling. The annoying part about having a so-called hidden talent is when someone asks you to perform this hidden talent for their amusement.. or for the amusement for a room full of people. What are we?! Trained monkeys?

Welp, one creature who has zero interest in being a trained monkey is beautiful birdie Gizmo who belongs to TikTok account holder @Gizmothegreybird. And Gizmo has ZERO interest in being mom's trained monkey. Cover your kid's ears for this one.. Gizmo's reply is a bit salty.

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There you have it! Gizmo won't be singing on command for you today! I mean, we can't blame him, sometimes you just don't feel like belting out a tune. He will blow a kiss. He will happily set a timer. But singing? Nooooope.

TikTok users are totally sympathetic to this foul-mouthed (Or should we say fowel-mouthed, LOL) bird and @Kyle comments, "He's so spicy!! I love him!"@Kathie adds, "Giz, of all your antics, I think this was one of the best!" @Nimawai replies, "I guess Gizmo just isn't in the mood today."

"The “waaaaahhh” mocking a song is vibes. No one can bully Giz. He’s the Mafia boss," @Nej adds. He did mock his mom, LOL. Maybe she would have better luck if she bribed him with a treat first or you know, set the timer or something. Regardless, we'd ask this bird to sing just to hear his rude reply!

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