Parrot Casually Grabs a Knife While Mom Prepares a Snack and It's Priceless

Here's one for your you really shouldn't laugh but you just can't help yourself file, absolutely amazing parrot mom at TikTok account @Parrots_R_us was filming a video where she showed the absolutely gorgeous meal she was preparing for her equally gorgeous birds. She included so many vegetables and fruits and beautiful edible flowers and ...

Ummm...what's the going on in the background? You just need to watch this one to believe it.

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LOL! We can't with Curaco here! He's just like every toddler out there when mom is trying to fix a meal and she turns her back for one moment and the kid has gotten into the cutlery or is trying to touch the hot stove or doing something else dangerous. TikTok users are totally amused, and @Monique comments, "The bird in the back was warning you Lmao look at his head when the blue one picked up the knife." @Ashlie adds, "Bird said “If you don’t give me those flowers right naaarrr..." @Ashley replies with, "He said, "Lady I'm hungry and you're testing my patience!"

All of her birds are just so beautiful! That black palm Cockatoo on her shoulder named Maui is so stunning. Here's another video of him.

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We just love seeing these gorgeous birds and we really hope the next time mom prepares a snack that Curaco doesn't threaten her again, LOL. It's just too funny. Toddlers, gotta love 'em.

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