Paris Hilton's Beloved Chihuahua Passes Away at the Age of 23

Paris Hilton has sadly shared the news on Instagram that her beloved Chihuahua, named Harajuku B____ (Another word for female dog) has died at the age of 23-years-old.

On Monday, Hilton, age, 42, shared the news on Instagram with a carousel of photos that included Harajuku and her other dogs.

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The reality star posted, in part:

Saying farewell to my beloved chihuahua, Harajuku B____, today. In 23 amazing years, she brought endless love, loyalty, and unforgettable moments to my life. Her journey was long, beautiful, and iconic, surrounded by love until her peaceful slumber. The pain I feel right now is indescribable. She wasn’t just a pet; she was family and a loyal companion through every twist and turn.

Instagram followers were quick to offer their condolences, and Hilton's mom, Kathy Hilton, said, "I am so sorry Paris.23 years. I can’t believe where the time goes. I love you, Mom." Actress @DakotaFanning added, "An icon! Sending love to you!" @Holyghost sweetly responded with, "She’s your guardian Angel pup now slaying in doggy Heaven with Tinks reminiscing on the iconic amazing Hollywood life they had with the best most loving owner in the world."

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Hilton continued her tribute with, "Rest easy, my sweet darling. Thank you for gracing my life with unconditional love.You’ll forever be my angel, forever missed, and forever loved.  Though you’re physically gone, the imprint of your paw prints on my life will never fade. Rest gently, sweet friend, knowing you’ll always be cherished and missed. Love and miss you eternally."

It's always heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet, and our thoughts go out to Hilton at this sad time. Rest in Peace sweet Harajuku.

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