Parents praise mom's 5 hacks to get great photos of her kids

TikTok mom @thetravelingred came up with five hacks to get amazing pictures of kids who don't want to be photographed. Her first tip was "give them something to do." Whether it's stirring a bowl, drinking a juice box or filling a bathtub, taking a photo in the moment is much better. "Keep them moving. Walking, running, dancing," @thetravelingred suggested as she showed eye-catching photos of her daughter in motion. Third, the mom recommended "tickles." Tickles are a sure-fire way to capture an intimate moment with your child laughing. "Surprise them," she said for the fourth hack. "Lift them up over your head, throw them up, flip 'em upside down". Her final trick was simple: "Turn around. When all else fails, turn around." If you can't get a good shot of their faces, take a photo from behind of them gazing off at some scenery. TikTok's parents loved @thetravelingred's tips. "OK. This literally changed my life," one user said