Parents film the reality of a spouse returning to work after maternity or paternity leave

This TikTok parent shared an emotional video showing what it’s like to return to work after paternity leave!

Matthew Stewart (@gbandme) is a parent and TikToker who rose to popularity on TikTok after sharing sweet and funny videos of his relationship with his grandmother.

Matthew and his wife recently had a baby and Matthew has been mixing things up on TikTok by showing what his life has been like caring for a newborn. In a moving video, Matthew recently shared how difficult it was for him to return to work, leaving his baby at home, after his paternity leave ended!

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The video begins with a shot of Matthew’s wife holding their newborn baby. Matthew’s wife sits on the couch wearing a black t-shirt and cradling the newborn who is wrapped in a pink blanket. She looks up at Matthew as he approaches. “First day back to work,” Matthew tells his wife.

“Goodbye!” Matthew’s wife responds, looking down at their newborn.

“Love you!” Matthew says as he pans the camera down to show the adorable sleeping baby. “I love you, little chunks!”

Then, Matthew backs away slightly to show his wife, who is beginning to tear up. “I love you,” he tells his wife as she begins to cry.

“It’ll be okay,” Matthew tells his wife, sounding choked up, himself. Both parents are clearly struggling with the idea of Matthew being separated from the newborn all day.

“I love you. I’ll be back,” Matthew tells his wife as she wipes tears from her eyes.

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Then, the video ends with a shot of Matthew sitting in his car. The new dad looks off to the side, with tears in his eyes, as he thinks about the day to come.

Viewers applauded the loving parents and shared some sympathy for their experience.

“The love in this video! Keep it up! Don’t ever stop!” one viewer commented.

“Been there but as a single mom having to leave the baby with a caregiver. Cried the whole day,” another parent recalled.

“I’m not crying! Aw, how sweet. I felt the same way with my hubby,” another parent wrote.

While going to work after paternity leave is clearly tough on both parents, their video shows just how much love Matthew and his wife feel for each other and their new baby!

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