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Parents built their toddler a mini elevator for his jungle gym

These parents shared a video of their toddler’s first ride on the mini elevator they built for his jungle gym, and the little boy’s pure joy has hearts melting all over TikTok.

A jungle gym is a sanctuary where children can play and let their imaginations run wild. However, the whimsical play structures aren’t just fun for kids. Many crafty adults also enjoy participating in the amusement by customizing their kids’ jungle gyms with unique additions and features. For instance, TikTokers and parents Nick Smith and Jess Farthing (@thesmithyfamily) built their son, Teddy, an elevator for his jungle gym, and a viral clip of his elated reaction is a total mood booster!

The clip opens with a mid-action shot of the adorable toddler, sporting jeans and little Velcro sneakers, eagerly stepping aboard a miniature DIY wooden elevator with an excited gasp.

“Put the gate on,” Smith tells the little boy, who attempts to retrieve the makeshift chain-link door before his dad steps in to help. Smiling ear to ear, Teddy squeals delightfully, ecstatically clapping his hands as his father fastens the link to one side of the elevator.

“Press the button,” Smith says, pointing to the chain-link barrier. Teddy fervently taps the chain before Smith and Farthing tell him to “Hold on tight!”

“Ready?” Smith asks Teddy before hoisting the elevator into the air with a rope attached to the matching wooden play structure. The toddler holds on to the elevator’s lime green side panels and smiles for the entire ride.

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Once the elevator stops at the jungle gym’s entrance, Teddy turns to the camera and squeals with sheer joy.

After taking a brief walk through the jungle gym, Teddy gets back on the elevator and lets out a big “Yeee,” as he’s lowered to ground level.

The toddler happily claps his hands and cheers, “Yayyyy,” before the video comes to a close.

Viewers fell in love with the precious toddler and his cool new elevator.

“That looks so fun! He’s so cute,” one user complimented.

“You need to come make one of these… for the kids, obviously,” joked one TikToker

“The best thing a parent can do for a child is giving them memories. Great job,” one viewer mentioned.

Based on the comments, viewers can’t wait to see the next awesome toy Smith and Farthing will make for Teddy.

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