Paralyzed Cat Who Has a Wild Streak Is Capturing People's Hearts

Nothing is slowing this wild kitty down.

It's a common assumption that cat's with limited mobility are probably less wild and prone to trouble-making as their able bodied counterparts. I mean a cat with limited leg use, how much trouble could they possibly get in?

That's the theory TikTok account holder @Fosterbabycats posed while showcasing their adorable rescue cat. Just watch how quiet and calm this angel is, LOL!

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@Velvetedge hilariously comments, "I'm going to the deepest layer of hell for laughing as hard as I did at this!"@Minibop adds, "He took off like one of those pull back toy Hot Wheel cars." @Briana replies, "Lmao that cat is SCOOTIN’. Put some hazard lights on him please." @KimberleyKimberely types, "Not expecting any of it lol... the pants, the wheels, the drifting... none of it." LOL!

The next time you consider fostering or adopting a cat with minimal leg use, just remember this wild kitty here. You may not end up with the docile little cat you expected, but you're sure to wind up with an amazingly sweet forever friend!

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